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Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions tend to have a pretty short lifespan, and a hefty price tag (we’re looking at you, Mr. Gym Membership). If you’re going to stick to a resolution in 2024, it should be one that makes you money — not the other way around! May we suggest landing a cushy remote job in CX with great pay, sweet benefits, and a very tolerable level of human connection, all while enjoying the comfort of working from home? 

Whether you’re green to the industry or a bona fide expert, there’s no shortage of tasty gigs to sink your teeth into.

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Enablement Specialist — Absolute Software (North America)

Salary: $50,000 – $57,000/yr 

Perks: Weekly yoga classes, annual company retreats, a beefy benefits plan, and company matched retirement savings — this Vancouver company treats its employees really well! That’s probably why they’ve been named one of Canada’s top employers for new grads. Their BC office is decked out with plenty of fancy amenities like free food, daily fitness classes, and even an art gallery, so visits to the company headquarters are sure to be loaded with good times! It’s also worth noting that Absolute Software is big on ongoing professional development, so if you want to work your way up the ranks, you’ll have ample opportunity. 

Why It’s Hot: This cybersecurity solutions firm is racking up stacks of awards for their impactful work, and they’ve got over 21,000 customers (and loads of 5-star reviews) to show for it. Their claim to fame: they’re the world’s only tamper-proof, self-healing endpoint resilience platform. With regional offices in Texas, Seattle, the UK, and Vietnam, they’ve got a pretty big global footprint! 

Product Support Expert — Zillow (US Only)

Salary: $23.05 – $36.80/hr

Perks: Zillow’s world-class benefits package include all the necessities and more: parental leave and family benefits, retirement savings, disability coverage, access to text-based or virtual therapy, flexible spending accounts, $75 per month for gym membership fees, and additional monthly stipends for your home office. If you’ve got student loans to pay off, they’ll give you an extra $25 per month to help chip away at that debt! 

Why It’s Hot: Named one of the top 100 most influential companies in the US, and Glassdoor’s top 100 best companies to work for, Zillow has been making major waves in the real estate world and beyond. And if you’re one of those types who loves browsing through fancy property listings in dream locations, you’ll have plenty of time to explore on the company platform. 

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Patient Success Representative — Brightree (US Only)

Salary: $17 – $24.44/hr

Perks: In addition to a fully loaded benefits plan, employees of Brightree receive an additional health spending and savings accounts, a 401k, and an employee assistance plan. If you’re planning on pursuing higher education, take advantage of their tuition assistance plan, plus 15 days of paid time off to cover your spring break in Florida! Prospective parents can enjoy 14 weeks of paid parental leave.  

Why It’s Hot: This tech company creates software solutions for pharmacies and home medical equipment suppliers. They’ve won a handful of awards for breakthrough products in medical technology, so it looks like they’re doing some pretty impactful work! With only one year of customer service experience required, this is a fantastic opportunity to start working your way up the CX ladder.   

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Product Success Specialist — Aha! (North America)

Salary: $60,000 – $100,000  

Perks:  This mega-successful SaaS company is keen to share the wealth with a generous profit-sharing program for employees. They’ll fully cover your medical, dental, and vision plan fees, plus three months of paid parental leave. A generous 200 hours of paid vacation time (25 work days) leaves you with plenty of time to go on world adventures, with bonus paid time off to pursue education opportunities. Should you decide to follow the path of higher education, Aha! will provide a $1000 stipend to go towards your school fees.  

Why It’s Hot: Aha! offers software development tools for businesses so they can create their own digital products. With over 700,000 customers, these SaaS masterminds have become particularly profitable — and they’ve made a point of giving back to the community, donating over 1 million dollars to charitable causes. Nice going, Aha!

Merchant Experience Manager — Sezzle (Canada Only)

Salary: $70,000 – $80,000 CAD

Perks:  On top of the standard medical and wellness benefits, Sezzle offers huge discounts on LifeTime gym memberships so you can stay in peak physical form! Enjoy a work-from-home stipend, plenty of paid time off and company-sponsored volunteer days, and a 401k with company match so you can plan for an easy breezy retirement. Oh, and should you ever wish to visit the company headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, there are endless cool restaurants, concert venues, and record stores to explore! 

Why It’s Hot: This cutting-edge fintech company is doing every cash-strapped millennial a total solid by offering interest-free payment plans for online shopping. No credit card? No problem. Rotten credit rating? Doesn’t matter! Buy the boots, and pay for it in easy, bite-sized pieces instead of one big whammy. What’s really impressive: they’re the only BCorp-certified company in the digital payment space, meaning they’re actively doing good for the world in their quest to help folks manage their money woes. 

Customer Success Manager — Samdesk (Canada Only)

Salary: $75,000 CAD

Perks:  Dental, vision, and extended health care are part of the deal, plus an employee stock option (which is probably worth it, considering Samdesk’s impressive business trajectory). As the company grows, so too will your earning potential and chances at working your way up to a more senior role. Not to mention, they’ve created software that literally saves lives, so you can rest easy at night knowing you’re working for the good guys. 

Why It’s Hot: These guys have a really fascinating SaaS offering! By harnessing the power of AI, Samdesk provides real-time alerts of global crises and disruptions to help keep people and businesses safe and prepared. This fast-growing, Edmonton-based startup just celebrated its tenth year in business, and they’ve already expanded to Asia and the UK! 

Customer Support Lead — Nova Credit (US Only)

Salary: $105,000 – $140,000 

Perks:  Going beyond the typical employer-subsidized health, vision, and dental, Nova Credit also provides mental health support services for all their employees. And with their super flexible paid time off policy, you’re free to take some mental health days when you need them. You’ll also be eligible for 16 weeks of paid parental leave, performance bonuses, and company-sponsored group outings. And if you ever feel like visiting NYC and working in their head office for a week or two, you can get to know your teammates over some free lunches, happy hours, and group fitness classes! Oh, and the office is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your pup along with you. 

Why It’s Hot: Three years of customer-facing support experience is all you need to qualify for this red hot CX job! What could be better than enjoying the perks of an NYC salary from the comfort of your exponentially more affordable non-NYC apartment? Nova Credit is also very conscious about their company culture and diversity mandate, so the vibes are great there. They provide unconscious bias training for all employees, and diversity resource groups for whomever needs them. 

Senior CX Jobs

Manager of Strategic Customer Success — Handshake (North America)

Salary: $200,000 – $220,000/yr

Perks: Handshake supersizes the standard combo platter of health, vision, and dental with some side orders of mental health and counseling support, LGBTQ+ resources, and paid parental leave. Money worries won’t be an issue with that juicy salary, a $500 home office stipend, paid-for wifi, $2000 annually for learning and development, a free macbook, free financial coaching, dollar-for-dollar 401k matching, and even referral bonuses if you rope in some talented friends to join the team!  

Why It’s Hot: Post-secondary students rely on Handshake’s game-changing platform for finding non-crappy jobs that align with their skills and goals. The employers they partner with are pretty major, too. We’re talkin’ Disney, TikTok, Verizon, IBM, and Nike! Great jobs with amazing work perks are what we’re all about, so we can definitely get behind the work they’re doing over there! 

Director of Client Success — Q4 (Canada Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks:  Unlimited paid time off, baybee! We love to see it. Toss in some health, wellness & lifestyle benefits to balance your heart, mind, and body. Plan for your future with pension benefits, and stay connected with your teammates with regular virtual socials, so you won’t feel too isolated working from your home office. Enjoy performance rewards, a lifestyle spending account, a flexible schedule that fits with your busy lifestyle, and tuition reimbursements! 

Why It’s Hot: Q4 offers cloud-based software solutions, tools, and AI-driven insights for investor relations — and there’s big money in that market! They’re partnered with big names like McDonald’s, Spotify, Walmart, Netflix, and Shopify. As far as company culture goes, they seem pretty community-minded, and they’re big on helping to minimize the gender gap in STEM careers.   

Director of Scaled Customer Experience — Bynder (US Only)

Salary: Not listed

Perks:  This high-growth tech company offers plenty of room for professional advancement, and they’re happy to cover 100% of your medical benefits and life insurance for you and your immediate family. Next on the docket: a 401k with company match, a flexible time off policy, and general good vibes all around. 

Why It’s Hot: This SaaS leader has carved their niche in the realm of digital asset management. A-list clients include Five Guys, Lacoste, Canon, Puma, IcelandAir, and Scotch & Soda. With more than 1.7M users across more than 3,700 organizations, Bynder’s ability to streamline and organize digital content is making it easier for big businesses to keep getting bigger. 

Boring office jobs with sub-par benefits are SO 2023.

It’s time to make some money moves. You’re too precious to spend your days under flickering fluorescent bulbs — you deserve better than that. If you want to work in fleece-lined joggers and snack freely on leftover holiday nuts and bolts in your living room, slap that on your vision board and give your resume a fresh update!

Still searching for work? Don’t worry — we’ll be back next month with another lineup of can’t-miss career opportunities in the CX stratosphere. Until then, subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, software reviews, and valuable resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.