The Silver Age Of Digital Evolution

Photo of the Sliver Surfer

In praise of cross-generational design teams.

So it turns out that digital hasn’t solved world peace, hunger or cured all disease. 

In fact digital itself has almost disappeared. It’s become background – a flexible canvas upon which much of our work and lives depend.

So, if digital is now simply part of business as usual, then what we really need aren’t all these digital gurus and ninjas and their shiny toys, what we need smart business people: visionaries, leaders, strategists, communicators; creators, problem solvers and the odd hammer or two. The kind of people who can block in that canvas and make something useful, valuable and meaningful out of all this possibility.

Turns out there’s some folks out there who fit the bill. You might have spotted them – bright-eyed, silver-haired, whip-smart. The same folks who got shoved to the side in the rush to digital nirvana.

They’ve seen it, done it and bought the painting.

If you’re not already working across functions with diverse teams spanning generations, you’re missing a world of wisdom, experience, and serious business smarts.

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