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Huge shoutout to spring for happening again this year. Literally, so cool of you to show up. Everything just feels better when spring is around! Food tastes more delicious, the air smells fresher, music is more dance-worthy — the only thing spring can’t save is a dead-end job. Seriously, when there’s so much beauty to enjoy out there, how could you possibly spend your days cooped up in a boring beige office?

Fear not, because along with this crisp March weather comes a torrent of amazing remote jobs in CX! If you’ve got a WiFi connection in the front yard, there is nothing stopping you from doing your work in a lawn chair — just make sure the sprinkler doesn’t hit your laptop. 

Here are some incredible opportunities ranging from entry-level gigs to sparkly senior positions, with fantastic pay and fully loaded benefits packages to match.

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Support Lead — Quadient (US Only)

Salary: $16.83 – $25.24/hr

Perks: Quadient comes through with some pretty solid benefits! Employer-subsidized health, dental, vision, and life and disability insurance are all part of the package. They offer a 401k with a generous company match, plenty of paid vacation time and company holidays, plus a tuition reimbursement program if you’d like to pursue higher education. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to start leveling up your skills!

Why It’s Hot: If you’ve had your fill of working busy retail seasons and want to make the transition into something remote where you aren’t on your feet all day, this is a fantastic entry-level gig! Quadient creates CX software and automation solutions, so if you want to learn more about this fast-growing industry and the principles that guide it, you’ve come to the right place. 

Primary Support Advocate — Stamped (Canada Only)

Salary: $45,000 – $50,000 CAD/yr

Perks: On top of the typical health and insurance bennies, Stamped offers unlimited paid time off with some sweet, sweet stipends on the side. You’ll get $650 to set up your home office, and another $650 per year as an education allowance, so you can snag some extra certifications to beef up your LinkedIn profile! Should you plan to expand the family, you’ll enjoy 12 weeks of paid parental leave — a nice top-up on Canada’s already generous government-issues benefits! Add in some employee stock options and a 4% RRSP match, and you’re good to go. 

Why It’s Hot: Stamped offers solutions for customer reviews and loyalty programs — a hallmark of great CX! While their education stipends will certainly help to advance your CX skills, you’re sure to gain a wealth of knowledge and hands-on industry experience, particularly in the e-commerce sphere. As far as SaaS start-ups go, they’re on an impressive trajectory and have gained over 50,000 clients, so if you want to grow along with them, climb aboard! 

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Client Success Coordinator — Tixr (North America)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Flexible health benefits, a 401k, unlimited paid time off, and an automatic paid day off on your birthday are all on the menu. Not to mention, Tixr is a major ticket distributor for events, so you’ll gain access to loads of awesome concerts and shows all around the world! This job is entirely remote, aside from occasionally traveling to free events on the company’s dime. So, if you don’t mind an all-expenses-paid vacation to a star-studded concert festival once in a while, you’ll be perfectly happy here. 

Why It’s Hot: This California company’s claim to fame? They’re the largest, fastest-growing, privately-held primary ticketing and live event commerce marketplace in the world.” Decent flex. Powering hundreds of the most successful live entertainment brands around the world, Tixr is behind major shows like Riot Fest, Uptown Festival, Eden Ibiza, Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa, and many more! 

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Customer Education Lead — B2B Fintech (US Only)

Salary: $120,000 – $150,000/yr

Perks: First off, HELLO amazing salary. We love to see it. If that isn’t reason enough to send in a resume, this start-up offers company equity plans, employer-paid medical benefits, a 401k, and flexible paid time off. As for your home office setup, they’re happy to provide some sparkly new Apple products free of cost, with an extra budget for whatever tech gadgets you’ll need to get the job done. 

Why It’s Hot: So, the client company hasn’t made their name public and is sourcing through Swooped, a digital recruiter. That being said, it sounds like a pretty incredible opportunity, and they’re likely too busy growing their business to find the time to comb through 500 job applications. Based on their description, it sounds like they’ve developed some cutting-edge solutions to make B2B purchasing easier for major companies relying on outdated software.  

Customer Reference Manager — Glia (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Glia’s long list of employee benefits have some interesting additions to the standard fare! Want to join a sports team? They’ll cover the costs! Looking into counseling or therapy sessions? They’re happy to reimburse you. To get to know your teammates better, you can join in the annual company hackathons, Glia Olympics, and loads of other cool events. And if you love working there and have some pals in mind for a particular job opening, Glia offers big referral bonuses. 

Why It’s Hot: Glia creates customer communication software, so the powers of human creativity and strategy can join forces with the magic of technology. In this role, you’ll be helping customers who want to help their customers. Circle of life, baby. They specialize in solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, so it’s safe to say their clients have money to spend!  

Customer Support Manager — Global Fleet Solutions (Canada Only)

Salary: $60,000 – $65,000 CAD/yr

Perks: All of the health and insurance benefits — plus an extended coverage plan and bonus spending account — are completely covered by the employer! Time to splurge on some fancy new glasses, massage therapy, acupuncture, or whatever your heart desires. Global Fleet Solutions also offer additional wellness days and paid-for sick leave, so don’t worry if you need to take a mental health day once in a while. 

Why It’s Hot: Global Fleet Solutions specializes in a variety of maintenance and fleet management services, including digital telematic solutions and dealer networks. If you were one of those kids who was obsessed with cranes and bulldozers, this job will light a fire in your heart! They’re also owned by a larger parent company with several other lucrative ventures on the go, so there’s definitely potential for lateral movement. 

Senior CX Jobs

Senior CX Community Operations Specialist — 1Password (North America)

Salary: $86,000 – $116,000 CAD / $97,000 – $131,000 USD

Perks: Heaps of paid vacation, volunteer days, company-wide wellness days, and parental leave top-ups will make it easy to achieve that perfect work/life balance. Opt in to the employee stock option program, take advantage of their training budget, and explore learning opportunities through 1Password University! Topping off your stacked health coverage plan is membership to a wellness coach program, so if you’re looking to invest in yourself, 1Password can help make that happen. 

Why It’s Hot: With just five years of experience in SaaS operations management required, this is your chance to move from a mid-level to a senior role! You’ll get to collaborate with several different teams across the company, so even though you’re working remotely, you won’t feel like you’re stranded on an island. The best part: you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your passwords ever again, considering you’re working for a password management software company. 

Vice President of Customer Success — Clio (North America)

Salary: $230,000 – $420,000/yr

Perks: Top-tier health benefits come complete with an extra $2000 for counseling, with four weeks of paid vacation and RESP + RRSP contributions. Clio values their long-term employees, offering ample opportunity to move up the ranks, earn more, and receive rewards for hitting big milestones. They also have an in-house employment coach who’s available to help you carve out your path, set goals, and accelerate your career development. 

Why It’s Hot: This niche SaaS company develops solutions for lawyers and legal firms! Their mandate is noble: better the lives of legal professionals and improve access to justice for all. No experience in law is required for this job, but you’ll certainly learn a lot along the way! Step aside, Elle Woods — there’s a new justice expert in town, and they didn’t have to go to Harvard to get there. 

Director: Customer Relationship Management Systems — GitLab (North America)

Salary: $158,600 – $297,300 USD/yr

Perks: As a Great Place to Work Certified company, GitLab doesn’t hold back when it comes to treating their employees well. For learning and development opportunities, well, they’ve got an entire webpage devoted to their offerings, and it’s a pretty lengthy read. Employees are also eligible for an account with Modern Health, a comprehensive healthcare platform offering teladoc services, therapy, tools for stress management, and all sorts of valuable resources to support your wellness. 

Why It’s Hot: GitLab is a DevOps platform — in other words, a program that helps companies develop their own software. Driven by AI, their revolutionary tools help speed up the development process, eliminate bugs, and enhance security. They’ve got some pretty big name clients, including T-Mobile, Carfax, and Lockheed Martin, who all rely on their platform for delivering flawless code, fast.  

Customer Engineer — Ascendion (Canada Only)

Salary: $120,000 – $125,000 CAD/yr

Perks: Ascension offers health, medical, and dental coverage, plus long-term and short-term disability insurance. Enjoy three weeks of paid vacation with an additional five personal days, six paid holidays, and one floating holiday per year. Feel like upskilling? Gain access to Ascendion’s Learning Management System, with a massive catalog of training and development videos to boost your CX prowess. 

Why It’s Hot: Ascendion builds custom software for businesses of all kinds: e-commerce platforms, airlines and cruise ships, healthcare companies, game developers, and much more. In this role, not only will you help develop exciting new software, but you’ll also help train and educate companies on how to use their shiny new stuff! If you’re a creative, strategic thinker who’s ready to solve complex customer problems, this is an engaging position that’s sure to satisfy. 

Puddle-Jump Your Way Into March, Without the Madness. 

Spring is worth celebrating, and so is a brand-new job that treats you like the hot tamale you are! Take the leap and apply now for one of these incredible opportunities in CX, guaranteed to provide far more than the bare minimum of benefits. 

Not seeing your dream job quite yet? Keep your eyes peeled for our April edition of Hot & Cx-y jobs, where we’ll have a new lineup of can’t-miss opportunities in the wild world of CX! In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, software reviews, and valuable resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.