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Onboarding Handbook


Proven Ways to Improve Customer Onboarding

Learn how to create an onboarding experience that leads to improved long-term customer engagement.

Effective onboarding enables you to appeal to a wider customer base, save
money and boost revenue in the long-run. You’ll also have greater flexibility
to introduce changes to your product or service over time.

Only a customer—rather than a product—centric experience will lead to optimized engagement.

To help you design a seamless customer experience with longevity in mind
from the start, we teamed up with five leading experts from the world of service, experience, and content design as well as user research and usability.

They impart knowledge gained from years of crafting exemplary customer experiences, beginning with onboarding.

Create a Remarkable Customer Experience

Our handbook is packed with insights from industry experts.

Onboarding Handbook

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