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It’s February, and love is in the air! But even if you don’t have a spicy date lined up for Valentine’s Day, you should at least have a job you love — ideally, one in CX. After all, a  remote CX job at an amazing company is a lot like a perfect relationship. It can offer:

  • Continuous appreciation for your efforts and all the things that make you special
  • Freedom to express your style and dress however you want  
  • Thoughtful gifts and gestures to make your life a bit more lovely
  • Ongoing support as you grow and evolve
  • …and some sweet benefits on the side!

Okay, okay — we’ll admit, the benefits from a CX job look a bit different from the kind you’d get with your special someone, but you catch our drift. A remote CX job can enrich your life in so many ways, and lucky for you, there are plenty of opportunities for folks of all skill levels. Ready to find your perfect match? Check out our latest openings for CX professionals across North America!

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Onboarding Specialist — Digitail (Canada Only)

Salary: $50,000 – $70,000 CAD/yr

Perks: This animal-loving company offers generous contributions towards your pension and healthcare. Since they’re a startup, they’ve made a promise to expand their benefits offerings as they continue to grow — but they certainly don’t skimp on their salaries! Employees also receive company share packages, as well as a $1000 yearly stipend towards training and professional development opportunities. Your schedule will be mega-flexible, and the only set times you’re required to be present are for meetings and collaborative projects, so you’ll have plenty of freedom here. 

Why It’s Hot: Digital creates software solutions for veterinary hospitals, so if you’re shamelessly obsessed with your fur babies, you’ll be among friends here. This role is an incredible opportunity to make the transition into CX if you’ve got previous experience at a vet or an animal shelter. I mean, look at that salary! For an entry-level role, that’s pretty dang impressive.

Customer Experience Agent — hims & hers (US Only)

Salary: $19.50–$23.50/hr

Perks: You can always rely on healthcare companies to take care of their employees in that department! hims & hers offers full coverage for medical, dental, and vision, plus two bonus spending accounts to cover all the extras. You’ll receive a monthly $75 stipend to go towards your phone and wifi bills, employee stock options, ample paid time off, and a 401k with company match! 

Why It’s Hot: hims & hers is an online prescription and healthcare platform tailored to men’s and women’s unique needs. If you’re ready to dip your toe in the CX pool, a high-profile medical platform is a pretty great place to start! They’re also flexible on the wages, so if you’ve got a bit more experience in CX or pharmaceuticals, you can negotiate a bump in pay. 

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Customer Advisor (Retail) - Tucows (Canada Only)

Salary: $44,820.00 – $49,800.00 CAD/yr

Perks: It’s always a good sign when a company devotes an entire page to their benefits offerings. Tucows has all the usual suspects and more: mental health benefits, tuition reimbursement, a variety of family planning supports, stock options, savings plans, and three weeks of paid vacation with a few extra bonus gratitude days!

Why It’s Hot: Tucows is a wholesale domain registrar — essentially, a place where you can score a domain for your website. You’ll be assisting customers with domain management, premium hosting, SSL certification and hosted email needs. Suffice to say, this is a wicked opportunity to learn a lot about website development, which will be extremely valuable as you continue your CX career!

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Customer Experience Strategic Support Analyst - FedEx (US Only)

Salary: $50,544 – $90,012/yr

Perks:  FedEx is a global megagiant, so yeah — they can afford to look after their staff! Expect a solid health benefits plan, paid holidays and time off, tuition reimbursement, retirement plans, and of course, some sweet benefits on FedEx products and services. 

Why It’s Hot: Not only does FedEx have a massive stack of awards for being an amazing employer, but they’ve also got one of the best customer service teams in America! As one of the biggest delivery and logistics companies in existence, FedEx is constantly adopting new, cutting-edge tech features to innovate the industry. If you’re a strategic thinker who likes to analyze systems and make things more efficient, this will be a great next step in your CX journey. 

Pssst… There's also a senior position available that pays up to $111,816 annually. Nice to know there’s plenty of potential for upward mobility within this role!  

Network Operations Coordinator - Humana (US Only)

Salary:  $51,800 – $71,200/yr

Perks: Humana covers all the necessities and much, much more! Some of their more noteworthy work perks include scholarship opportunities for your dependents, discounted prepaid legal services, paid parental and caregiver leave, and product discounts at a variety of participating retailers. 

Why It’s Hot:  Humana is an insurance and healthcare services provider that primarily serves its customers through their web-based platform. This fascinating role is integral to their customer service initiatives. You’ll be responsible for data maintenance, issue resolutions, and a bit of project management, all with the goal of informing and improving CX strategies. 

Customer Success Manager - Veta Virtual (Canada Only)

Salary:  $55,000 – $80,000 CAD/yr

Perks: Got your sights set on a senior role down the road? These guys are big on internal hiring and professional development, so they’re happy to provide some extra training and specialized courses so you can work your way up the ranks. Employees start off with a minimum of 15 days of paid vacation time, plus unlimited paid time off — and if you ever want to take part in one of their company-wide parties or culture events, you’re more than welcome to visit their Toronto headquarters!

Why It’s Hot:  Veta Virtual offers customizable receptionist and assistant solutions for busy companies who don’t have time to answer all those calls and emails! Whether you’re happy with a 24/7 virtual assistant, or you’d prefer a real human to pick up the phone, Veta Virtual has plenty of options to explore. As a Customer Success Manager, you’ll work closely with clients from a variety of businesses — law firms, spas, medical clinics, and more — to help set them up with a solution that works.  

Customer Success Manager (Europe & North America) - Orah (Canada Only)

Salary:  $60,000 – $80,000 CAD/yr

Perks: As a leader in EdTech, Orah is obviously big on learning, so they’re eager to provide all their employees with an annual book budget and opportunities for online education and professional development conferences. To ensure you’re all set up for working from home, they’ll hook you up with a free MacBook and any other necessary equipment to get the job done.  

Why It’s Hot:  Orah’s primary goal is to make student life better. They’re helping schools in countries across the world provide better services and support for their students, and it’s not just about improving learning outcomes — they’re improving mental health outcomes, too. Communication technology, attendance and grade records, and preventative mental health supports are all accessible through their revolutionary platform. 

Senior CX Jobs

Customer Success Manager - Zendesk (North America)

Salary:  $105,000–$157,000/yr

Perks: ZenDesk is generous with their performance bonuses, referral bonuses, and employee incentives, so you can expect a good chunk of change on the side of that juicy salary. Prospective parents can look forward to a minimum of 16 weeks paid parental leave. Add on a selection of insurance offerings, stock options, retirement savings, and fully loaded wellness benefits, and life looks pretty good at Zendesk!  

Why It’s Hot: No better place to master the science of CX than at an SaaS company that specializes in customer service solutions! Zendesk has received quite a few gold medals for their top-of-the-line software, so they really are the best of the best. If you’ve got a few years of customer success management under your belt, now’s your chance to go pro. 

Head of Channel Partnerships & Operations - Aurora Cannabis (Canada Only)

Salary:  Not Listed

Perks: This cannabis company is known for their 420-friendly company celebrations, so it’s safe to say this isn’t your typical stuffy corporate environment. With generous stock options, RRSP matching, performance bonuses, wellness benefits, virtual happy hours, (and more than likely, some sweet product discounts), working for Aurora is bound to be a good time. 

Why It’s Hot: Aurora is definitely in the big leagues when it comes to Canadian cannabis! They describe this role as “overseeing the end-to-end customer care operations that interact with our patients and customers, ensuring best-in-class experiences,” with a side order of process improvement and client relationship management.  

Senior Software Engineer (Android) - Babylist (North America)

Salary:  $146,080.00 – $219,120.00/yr

Perks: Free tech gadgets and a home office stipend will ensure your home office is decked out to the nines. If you’re a parent (or are planning on becoming one), Babylist has so much to offer: generous paid parental leave, parenting and childcare support, mental health services, and lots of options for financial planning and retirement savings. Add in comprehensive health benefits and insurance offerings, and you’re all set!

Why It’s Hot:  If you’re eager to work on the tech engineering side of CX, this is a role you’ll really love. That’s doubly true if you’re the type who can’t resist an emphatic “awwww” at the sight of a cute, squishy baby. Babylist offers tech solutions for growing families — from baby registries to support networks, postpartum care resources, product guides, and loads more offerings to help make parenthood simpler. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the core customer experience of Babylist users as they build and manage their product registry.

You Had Me At “Remote.”

Having a job that values and appreciates you truly sends our hearts aflutter. We all deserve that perfect position that makes us think, “Where have you been all my life?”. Rose-tint your world with one of these spectacular remote opportunities in CX — you won’t regret it.  

If your search for the perfect job match continues, don’t fret! We’ve got a fresh batch of sweet CX opportunities coming atcha every month. Stay tuned for our March installment of Hot & Cx-y jobs, and until then, subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, software reviews, and valuable resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.