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Between Mercury retrograde and a total solar eclipse, there’s bound to be some cosmic chaos shaking up our April. If you find yourself forgetting where you parked, losing your cell phone, and noticing cringe-worthy typos the moment after hitting “send” on an email, you can chalk that up to the stars and planets conspiring against you this month.

But here’s one thing you can’t blame on the moon: a boring job with lousy benefits. That’s on your boss. And although they might think the earth revolves around them if they don’t step up and start offering better compensation, their superstar employees will find brighter opportunities elsewhere. 

The best place to find those opportunities? The remote CX industry! Customer Experience jobs are popping up all across North America for talented folks of all skill levels. And with competitive salaries and a smorgasbord of juicy benefits to enjoy, we guarantee you’ll be treated like the sparkling supernova you are.

Entry-Level CX Jobs

US Senior Customer Experience — Runna (US Only)

Salary: $37,000 – $45,000/yr

Perks: Runna offers a pension plan, guaranteed salary re-evaluation every year (and every time they get a boost in investments), private health insurance, and extended family care for prospective parents on the team. When you start, you’ll be gifted a shiny new MacBook, a fitness watch of your choice, and anything else you need to get your home office up and running. Speaking of running, you’ll also get an hour off per week to devote to one of Runna’s workout sessions. 

Why It’s Hot: Training for a marathon? Or, alternatively, trying to jog around the block without getting winded? Well, Runna can support you with their digital training, coaching, and community for runners! Also, don’t be swayed by the word “senior” in the title — this entry-level gig only requires two years of customer service experience, so it’ll look extra good on a resume.

Community Lead, Multiple Games — Fortis Games (Canada Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Fortis Games offers unlimited paid time off, so you’ll have plenty of time for guilt-free, late-night video gaming marathons. And with a generous home office stipend, you can invest in some top-tier computer equipment, gaming headsets, and comfy seating. You’ll even receive quarterly rewards towards more video games, internet, and wellness perks! Oh, and health care — that’s important too.  

Why It’s Hot: If you’re a gamer looking to break into the world of CX, this job is meant for you. Seriously — one of the top requirements is a deep passion for video gaming! So, next time your Mom harps on you for spending too much of your youth playing GTA, you can remind her that it paved the way for a fulfilling career doing what you love. I mean, you were basically studying! CHECKMATE, MOM.  

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Customer Experience Agent (Evenings) — Whatnot (US Only)

Salary: $24.04 – $28.85/hr

Perks: That hourly wage is already pretty sweet for an entry-level gig, but Whatnot takes things several steps further with their long list of bonuses and stipends. You’ll get $1,000 for your home office setup allowance, $150 monthly for cell phone and internet, a $450 monthly allowance on food, $500 monthly for wellness, $5,000 annually towards childcare, and a $20,000 lifetime benefit for family planning, such as adoption or fertility expenses! You’ll also get to enjoy company-wide spring and winter breaks, flexible health insurance plans, a 401k with employer match, and 16 weeks of paid parental leave. 

Why It’s Hot: Looking for an evening gig while you take morning classes or watch your kids during the day? This job runs from 1 PM – 10 PM PST, so if you live closer to the East Coast, you’ll have no problem finessing your schedule to accommodate any AM responsibilities. As for the job itself, Whatnot is a livestream shopping and marketplace platform, so if you’re eager to learn about the lucrative world of e-commerce, this is your perfect launching point. 

Intermediate CX Jobs

Client Success Manager — Minerva (Canada Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: You’ll receive a competitive salary, plus full bennies and an employee stock option, so if this startup really takes off, you’ll hear some major cha-chings in your future. Minerva also offers unlimited paid vacation with a four-week minimum, so don’t feel bad about requesting a month off to explore the world. They’re big on professional development too, so if you’re down to grow along with the company, you could make some pretty big moves up the ladder! 

Why It’s Hot: Minerva has carved out their niche in the fintech sphere, offering software for financial institutions to help prevent money laundering. The great thing about having financial institutions as clients: they have money! That’s kind of their whole deal. So, while this company is fairly new, they’ve managed to snag some pretty big-name clients with deep pockets! 

Customer Experience Manager — Rockie Talkie (US Only)

Salary: $80,000 – $100,000/yr

Perks: Health, dental, vision, and an employer-paid platinum insurance plan are all part of the package. You’ll start out with three weeks of paid vacation, bumping up to four weeks by year two, offering plenty of free time to go explore the world. Plus, you can enjoy plenty of free company swag to take along on your next adventure! 

Why It’s Hot: This fast-growing startup develops radio and communication software for hikers and mountain climbers! Outdoor sports enthusiasts are highly encouraged to apply, so if traversing into the wilderness is your idea of a good time, you’ll be a perfect fit. On top of creating life-saving technology for folks keen on exploring remote locations, Rockie Talkie donates $2.00 from every sale towards search and rescue teams across the US. Very cool!

Director of Customer Experience — DarkRoast Design (Canada Only)

Salary: $80,000 – $100,000 CAD/yr

Perks: DarkRoast offers full health benefits, with extra coverage for things like massage and chiropractic. So, if sitting at a desk is taking its toll on your spine, you can get those kinks worked out for free! You also get complete control of your work schedule, and they’ll never ask you to pull any late nights or weekends — unless you’re into that kind of thing. 

Why It’s Hot: With just five years of CX management required, this job is not-quite-mid-level, not-quite-senior — the perfect stepping stone to boost your cred! DarkRoast Design touts themselves as a hybrid between a creative agency and an SAAS platform, offering subscription-based design services for brands like Swiss Gear, Supreme Cannabis, and Nature’s Path Organics. If you’re looking for a position that sparks a little more creativity than the typical desk job, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

Senior CX Jobs

Director of Customer Success — Pair Team (US Only)

Salary: $150,000 – $175,000/yr

Perks: Pepo

Why It’s Hot: Pair Team is a community-focused platform that connects health care services, shelters, food banks, and other supports to provide necessary care to underserved communities. You definitely won’t feel like an evil corporate overlord in this senior role — the work at Pair Team has garnered endless praise and accolades! The customers you work with will be the care providers themselves — no grumpy Karens, just real-life superheroes doing incredible work to help those less fortunate.  

Vice President of Customer Success — TELUS International (US Only)

Salary: $184,000 – $230,000/yr

Perks: As one of the world’s most recognizable companies, it’s no surprise that Telus offers a massive benefits package. Extended health benefits include $5000 annually for mental health support, a $700 well-being allowance, parental leave top-up, and coverage for fertility and gender-affirming care. Phone and wifi bills got you stressing? Enjoy $200 monthly on home office expenses, plus a free mobile device and phone plan. 

Their professional development offerings are pretty extensive too. One standout on the list is full access to LinkedIn Learning, so you can pursue training in thousands of different subjects without spending a dime! 

Why It’s Hot: While this is technically a remote role, it also involves a lot of world travel, so if you’re keen to get out of the home office and connect with new people, this job will really take you places! And I mean, it’s Telus — they’re an absolute juggernaut in the telecommunications world, so holding a senior role here is bound to bring on some big rewards. 

Director of Customer Growth — Jane App (Canada Only)

Salary: $130,000 – $170,000 CAD/yr

Perks: Jane’s whole M.O. is supporting niche care providers, so it makes sense that their healthcare plan offers plenty of add-ons for services that aren’t typically covered in a basic plan. On top of the standard offerings, you’ll be eligible for $750 each towards acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, osteopathy, physio, chiropractic, and so much more! The cherry on top: is $2000 towards mental health care, so you’ll have plenty of room in the budget for personal or family counseling. 

Why It’s Hot: Jane is a healthcare software and community platform geared towards providers like chiropractors, massage therapists, medical aestheticians, and therapists of all varieties. Their goal is to “help the helpers,” and instead of adopting aggressive sales tactics, Jane just wants to authentically connect with the people they serve. If your idea of a solid CX strategy is built on genuine human connection, this is a place where you’ll thrive.  

Director of Client Success Programs — Rimini Street (US Only)

Salary: $123,000 – $184,000/yr

Perks: Premium healthcare, fully paid parental leave, employer-matched retirement contributions, and loads of professional development and training options make Rimini Street’s compensation package extra attractive. But there’s one work perk that really stands out from the bunch… drumroll … a four-day work week, baby! That’s right — you can enjoy a long weekend every dang weekend with their optional condensed workweek plan. Better invest in a fancy tent or camper van now, because a summer of weekend getaways is in your future. 

Why It’s Hot: Rimini Street is the leading third-party support service for Oracle and SAP software, and they’re also a Salesforce and AWS partner. As the top banana in their field, they’ve managed to gain a lengthy list of Fortune 500 companies as clients. Their customer support is just as great as their employee support — they’ve snagged Great Place to Work certification in the US, UK, Korea, India, France, and many more. 

Oh my stars! These CX jobs are out of this world.

Whether you’re a fiery Aries, a Capricorn workhorse, a rebel Aquarius, or a homebody Cancer, a remote role in CX will light up your life. With so much flexibility, incredible benefits, and plenty of unique paths to follow, there’s something for everyone in this dazzlingly dynamic industry.

Still searching for your dream job? Our May edition of Hot & Cx-y jobs is coming soon, where you’ll find a brand new lineup of extraordinary opportunities in the customer experience industry. Until then, subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, software reviews, and valuable resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.