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Winter is so close to being over, and we’re already daydreaming about a summer of road trips and beach days. If you think about it, February is like the “cuffing season” for career changes—to maximize the potential for future fun, you want to lock down something stable before summer begins. 

Scoop up one of these remote jobs in CX offering great pay, sweet benefits, and flexibility—that way, you can get your summer fix of spur-of-the-moment outdoor adventures. The long-term prospects for CX careers are pretty impressive, so don’t be surprised if these turn out to be more than just a summer fling.   

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Experience Associate — Forbes Advisor (US Only)

Salary: Not listed

Perks: The three words every person desperately wants to hear: Unlimited. Time. Off. The office also closes every third Friday, so you’ll get to enjoy an extra long weekend every month. Employees at Forbes Advisor receive a generous benefits package offering health, dental and vision coverage plus a 401k with company match. 

Why It’s Hot: Forbes are kind of a big deal. You probably know them as the folks who publish that list of billionaires, but this American business magazine does a whole lot more than just journalism. Forbes Advisor is their financial advisory branch, offering the business-savvy advice and analysis Forbes is known for, but on a personalized level. If you could stand to learn a thing or two about financial management, this is a job where you’re guaranteed to pick up some valuable industry knowledge.   

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Customer Experience Representative: Cables and Sensors (US Only)

Salary: $30,000-$40,000 USD

Perks: Dreaming of warmer climates? Cables and Sensors pays for a yearly trip to sunny Florida to visit the company headquarters (and work on your tan), and they’ll fly you out for in-person training, too. They’ll provide all the equipment you need to get the job done, so don’t worry if your laptop is ancient—these guys will hook you up with a slick home office setup. 

Why It’s Hot: Well, their purpose is certainly noble! Cables and Sensors distributes patient monitoring equipment so hospitals and medical clinics can keep people alive. NBD. They’ve got a long list of clients—most notably the United States Army and Stanford Medicine—and their customer reviews are pretty stellar across the board. No medical experience is required for this job, but you’ll get to learn about the tech side of medicine along the way!

CX Technical Support Representative — Photobooth Supply Co. (North America)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Gotta love an entry-level gig that doesn’t skimp on benefits! This job is loaded high with tasty extras: health coverage, stipends for education and home office work, yearly bonuses and company retreats, and a generous schedule for holidays and paid time off. The start time is 11 a.m. PST, so if you aren’t much of a morning person, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the snooze button before you need to get up. 

Why It’s Hot: You know those cool touch-screen photo booths that people rent for weddings and big corporate events? Photobooth Supply Co. sells that equipment to people so they can start their own rental companies! Making bank off of making memories? Pretty genius if you ask us.  

The husband-and-wife team who started Photobooth Supply Co. started out as wedding photographers and realized the potential to maximize profits by setting up a photobooth station. Now, they’re helping others like them expand their services. If you’re into photography and videography, you’ll get a kick out of helping customers learn the ins and outs of their shiny new equipment. 

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Manager of Customer Support — Sakari (US Only)

Salary: $70,000 – $95,000 USD

Perks: Sheesh, where do we begin?! As soon as you’re hired, you get a $500 bonus to pay for new office hardware. Then there’s the Gold Standard health care, and Sakari covers 99% of the policy premium. Three weeks of paid time off are available in addition to the nine paid company holidays. Toss in a 401k with 6% company match, $50 a month for your phone, bonuses, and an all-expense paid team vacation every year. 

There's even a cherry on top: unlimited online training courses from Udemy, so you can learn valuable professional skills in any subject you want, without spending a dime. There are 213,000 courses on there, so start with the A’s and just work your way down to Zoology. 

Why It’s Hot: If you really want to become an expert in CX, this is a place with so much potential to grow. Sakari offers customer communication software and AI chats to businesses around the world. So, you’d pretty much be the head of customer support for a customer support company! They’re based in Silicon Valley and have over 5,000 customers across 40 countries, so it’s safe to say this tech company is the real deal. 

CX Solutions Consultant — Instant Teams (North America)

Salary: $110,000 – $125,000 USD

Perks: Health and Dental, Vision, Wellness, 401k, Orthodontia! Yay, Pepto Bismo- er… I mean, Instant Teams. Actually though, this place has a really solid benefits plan for employees that covers all the necessary bases and more. You’ll even gain access to telehealth counselling, so you (and your family) can get access free therapy from the comfort of your own home. 

PS: If you’ve got a bit more experience under your belt, Instant Teams also has a Senior CX Solutions Consultant position open, offering $160,000 – $175,000 USD per year. Schwiiiing.

Why It’s Hot: Hot on the heels of the remote work revolution, Instant Teams seeks to help military spouses find gainful employment with remote positions. Its founders are military wives themselves, and they saw how many of their highly skilled peers struggled with unemployment, as their partner’s work required constant moves. 92% of their clients are women, and 52% are from a minority group, so their impactful work is helping to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at other companies! Nice one, Instant Teams. 

Senior CX Jobs

Global VP Customer Experience — Enghouse (Canada Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: The key word here is “global.” Though Enghouse began in Ontario, it has branches all across Europe, so you’ll likely get the chance to visit other offices in France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and like, 10 other countries. They offer private medical coverage, opportunities for professional advancement in the company, and they’ll pay for all the tools you need to succeed. 

Why It’s Hot: This Canadian-based software and services company creates communication technology for a pretty diverse group of industries. Video chat platforms for virtual therapists, home call centre operations for stay-at-home staff, AI-based marketing tools, transportation and public safety solutions—Enghouse is doing a lot of interesting stuff. 

Digital Support Manager — Trustly (North America)

Salary: $110,000 – $150,000 USD

Perks: On top of a six-figure salary, you’ll get annual bonuses and company stock options, a flexible spending account for you and your dependents, plus an “innovative perks and benefits package,” which sounds pretty stellar. Paid parental leave is available for any full-time employees, regardless of gender. Trustly also offers stipends for internet bills and setting up your home office—why not buy one of those fancy standing desks to prevent shoulder hunch?

Note: This position is open to applicants across North America, but Canadian applicants must apply through a different link

Why It’s Hot: We got another Silicon Valley tech giant over here! This Swedish FinTech company is based in California, with branches in Canada and Brazil. Offering secure transaction technology for over 10,000 merchants (including big names like Ikea and GoFundMe), Trustly is connected with thousands of banks across 30 different countries. In 2021, they processed 20 billion in transactions—ay caramba!   

Senior CX Measurement Consultant — Sun Life (North America) 

Salary: $74,100 – $120,800 CAD

Perks: Naturally, the huge financial planning institution has some bonus perks in the form of dollars and cents: pensions, stocks, and savings programs to save for your future. And as an insurance provider, you can bet the benefits packages will be mint. Sun Life also offers professional development and training, and with a company this big, there will likely be opportunities to move up even higher. 

Why It’s Hot: Sun Life is Great Place to Work®-Certified in the US and Canada, with stacks of awards for treating employees well and supporting their mental health. They have a community-minded approach to financial advising, insurance and health care, with a big focus on sustainability. Their end goal is to offer brighter futures for people—hence the name Sun Life—so the prospects seem pretty optimistic here!

Find a Job You Love That Loves You Back

Having a Valentine is optional, but an amazing job that treats you right is essential. A career in CX will offer you all the things you deserve: stability, growth, shiny new things, and maybe some cool vacations along the way! 

Another spicy assortment of CX jobs is heading your way in March! Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, tool reviews, and resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.    

By Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark is the Editor of The CX Lead. After serving over 12 years working in front-line customer experience for major brands, Hannah pivoted to a career in digital publishing and media production. Having gained a holistic view of the challenges and intricacies of delivering exceptional experiences, Hannah aims to help CX practitioners 'level up' their skills by amplifying the voices of today's thought leaders in the space.