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Sunny days and warmer weather never fails to give us a new lease on life. The optimism is flowing like gravy, and it’s only getting brighter from here! While you’re out sitting on the patio in a T-shirt, enjoying a popsicle and living your best life, just think how amazing it would be if that was your office every single day. Well, it can be! That is, if you snag one of these sweet remote jobs in CX. 

Now, we don’t settle for mediocre jobs with crappy benefits. We ain’t about that life. Only jobs with big benefits and perks are on the menu, and this month, they’re looking extra tasty.

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Entry-Level CX Jobs

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Get the latest from the brightest minds in CX, UX, and design thinking.

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Evening Customer Experience Representative — dbrand (Canada Only)

Salary: $42,000 USD 

Perks: You’ll get the usual suspects—health, dental, and vision—plus a GRSP (which is basically an RRSP, except the contribution is automatically deducted from your pay cheque towards the investments of your choice). And, since dbrand is known for making top-of-the-line protective accessories and stylish skins for electronic devices, you’re likely to score some discounts and free swag along the way.  

Why It’s Hot: One quick glance at that job description will make it pretty clear that this isn’t a boring, soulless company. You’ll get to show your personality and sense of humour in this customer support position—and dbrand insists that your time spent replying to customers with the perfect GIF is just as valuable as helping them track a lost package.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll be among friends at dbrand. While most of your work interactions will be over Google Meets, there’s a company Discord server for after-work gaming sessions!

CX Agent — Trade Coffee (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: *heavy breathing* $500 worth of free coffee every year, sourced from some of the best indie roasters all across the US! That equals to about 30 bags o’ beanz—basically a full year’s supply! While they may be a new company, Trade Coffee is seeing a ton of growth, so there’s definitely opportunities to work your way up and snag a senior role.  

Why It’s Hot: While a lot of CX roles require you to have an in-depth knowledge of specialized products, often related to tech, this gig just requires a love of coffee and all the amazing ways you can make it. Help customers nail the perfect French press technique, advise them on tasty beans worth trying, and revel in all things coffee-related. Headquarters are in New York, so a visit to the company office could be a solid excuse for an extended vacation!

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Customer Experience Data Analyst — Extreme Networks (North America)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: This tech company was recently featured in Computerworld as one of the best places to work in 2023, so it’s no surprise that they’re generous with their perks and benefits. They offer a base salary pay with additional variable pay, coming in the form of commissions, semi-annual cash bonuses, and stocks. Extreme Networks also offers paid family leave, a generous vacation package, and company-sponsored wellness programs to keep that brain in good shape. For US employees, they’ll reimburse your tuition and textbook fees, so you can skip the crippling student debt and chase that diploma!

Why It’s Hot: Extreme Networks is a company that takes diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously—they’re not just waving the rainbow flag for street cred. They have an entire council dedicated to planning DEI initiatives and offer plenty of training and professional development for members of underrepresented communities, so they can work their way up the ranks and secure senior roles.

Online Customer Experience Manager — Home Depot (US Only)

Salary: $109,000 – $190,000 USD

Perks: This home hardware giant is serving up a heaping platter of benefits that goes way beyond the basics. Just to name a few, you’ve got paid parental leave, merit increases and bonuses, counselling services, smoking cessation programs, free legal services for family law and estate planning, critical illness benefits and cancer care, and tuition and textbook reimbursements. Oh, and let’s not forget those sick discounts on Home Depot products—lumber is expensive these days!

Why It’s Hot: With an appealing compensation package and all that access to discounted home improvement materials, you can make your home office as swagged out as humanly possible.  

Senior CX Jobs

CX Senior Analyst — Ugam (US Only)

Salary: $72,000 – $130,000 USD

Perks: Ugam is owned by Dentsu, one of the most renowned ad agencies in the world, headquartered in Japan. They have an entire website dedicated to detailing their perks, so you can expect a generous helping of tasty add-ons to complement your salary. Obviously there’s the health, dental, yadda yadda—but there’s some pretty impressive extras in the mix, like adoption and surrogacy support, mental health services, flexible spending accounts, and access to fitness resources and self-guided workouts from Lulafit! 

Why It’s Hot: Ugam is a data analytics company under the parent company Merkle, under the grandparent company Dentsu. Pretty impressive family tree! They strive to make technology that helps businesses make better decisions, faster. The Ugam team is split between the US and India and led predominantly by people of colour. They’re Great Place to Work-Certified, and they’ve got an impressively long list of awards listed on their website. Nicely done, Ugam! 

Realize Your Worth! How’s That for a Spring Awakening?

You shouldn’t have to settle for a mediocre job with pitiful benefits (or none at all). Get the job you deserve with a company that thinks you’re the bomb diggity. Don’t believe us? Go over to the bathroom mirror and say the following affirmation: “I am a mega rad CX powerhouse who deserves good things like filet mignon and dental care.” Repeat it until you believe it.  

The gigs keep coming and they don’t stop coming! Ready to take your place as an industry All Star? Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, tool reviews, and resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.    

By Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark is the Editor of The CX Lead. After serving over 12 years working in front-line customer experience for major brands, Hannah pivoted to a career in digital publishing and media production. Having gained a holistic view of the challenges and intricacies of delivering exceptional experiences, Hannah aims to help CX practitioners 'level up' their skills by amplifying the voices of today's thought leaders in the space.