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Looking for a career change? We bet. Instead of whatever you’re supposed to be doing right now, you’ve happened upon our inaugural edition of Hot & CX-y Jobs—where we cherry-pick the ripest, juiciest opportunities in the industry into one seriously tempting list. Here are some of the best job postings this month, organized by experience level.

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Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Relations Specialist — Personality Profile Solutions

Salary: $41,000–$55,000 CAD per year

Perks: The fully-stacked benefits package and salary is not too shabby for this entry-level position! No meetings on Friday afternoons, so you can focus on finishing your to-do list and diving into the weekend.

Why It’s Hot: This company offers personality profiling tests and software to help teams learn their individual strengths, build self-awareness, and develop communication and collaboration skills. As you familiarize yourself with the tests, you’ll get to go on your own journey of self-discovery, learning valuable skills and improving your self-awareness. Professional development is baked right into the job.

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CX Expert — Zenfolio

Salary: Not listed

Perks: Not a morning person? Perfect. Working hours for this position are 12:00 pm–8:00 pm PST, but they’re flexible if you’ve got the occasional dinner date. Sleep in every day, zone out in the shower for half an hour, and savor every last sip of your morning latté.

Zenfolio boasts “competitive salaries, great health benefits, and other financial perks, so it’s a great gig if you want to break into CX—especially if you’re into cool art and photography!

Why It’s Hot: Artsy types, take note: Zenfolio is a platform for photographers and artists to promote and sell their work. So, you can bet there will be plenty of beautiful things to look at every day—not just plain white screens and blocks of text! Plus, you’ll get to work with a network of other creative folks from across the globe who share a love of visual art.  

CX Associate — Zero Acre Farms

Salary: Not listed

Perks: On top of having stellar health and dental coverage, Zero Acre Farms offers a bonus flexible spending account for services that aren’t covered by insurance. They’ll pay for your Audible subscription, so you’ll have plenty of audiobooks to keep you entertained during your vacation—three weeks minimum!

Why It’s Hot: Zero Acres Farms is big on limiting distractions. That means fewer meetings that could have been emails, and a reprieve from the constant barrage of notifications. No helicopter managers here, they trust you to do your thing.

This farm isn’t just a cornfield in the middle of nowhere—it’s actually pretty radical. They have a team of scientists, researchers, climate advocates, and food producers searching for sustainable, healthier alternatives to seed oils. Zero Acre Farms fights climate change, habitat destruction, and chronic disease, all through innovative farming. In a nutshell, they’re trying to save the world, and you get to help!

Intermediate CX Jobs:

CX Manager — Pethealth Inc.

Salary: $58,000 - $82,000 USD per year

Perks: We love a job that helps you move up, not just stay in one place forever. With opportunities for tuition reimbursement and specialized training, you can keep building your skills and making that bank. Their health and dental plans are super generous, with plenty of resources for mental health support and financial counselling. They don’t skimp on the paid vacation either—time to check out some cheap flight deals!   

Why It’s Hot: Pethealth Inc. offers pet insurance, keeping your beloved companions healthy without blowing your savings. Their affordable programs contribute to fewer strays and lost pets, easing the burden on animal shelters and keeping pets home with their owners. Needless to say, if you’re a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady or dog dad, this job will satisfy your soul.

CX Designer — Mash

Salary: $70,000 – $100,000 USD per year

Perks: Their specific benefits aren’t listed, but they maintain a distraction-free workday with minimal emails and interruptions. Tap into that hyper-focus and find your flow!

Why It’s Hot: Mash is changing how online creators make money with customizable platforms offering the best payment options—no annoying subscriptions or unnecessary features. This ultra-rad start-up has a small team of Silicon Valley executives from Google, Amazon, and Fitbit. Built on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, their revolutionary approach has loads of growth potential. Get in on the action before Mash gets huge!

Customer Support Specialist — Float

Salary: $94,943 USD

Perks: Flexible hours mean you can set your schedule, so if you’re an early riser or a night owl, you can get into whatever work groove is best for you. The team spreads worldwide, so there’s no pressure to stick to a 9-to-5. Float treats their employees to a home office and a co-working expense budget, a health and fitness budget to cover gym memberships and other wellness services, and an annual team meetup somewhere fun!

Why It’s Hot: If you’ve already built up some strong customer service and troubleshooting skills, this is a prime opportunity to level up. On their company page, Float says they aren’t interested in your educational background—just your experience—so if you’ve got a proven track record of successful CX work, this is a chance to make some serious cash.  

Senior CX Jobs

Senior Customer Marketing Manager — Ada

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Unlimited vacation time, baby! Explore the world for a month, and Ada will hook you up with travel insurance to keep you covered. Then, come back home to this uber-flexible CX gig offering a big wellness package, company stocks, a bonus wellness account, and a WFH budget to set up your home office.

Why It’s Hot: This Canadian tech brand is getting big, fast—they’re valued at 1.2 billion dollars! Leaders in AI technology, Ada is creating automated chat software that doesn't totally suck, so customer service is smooth and seamless. The future of AI holds so much potential, so if you want a piece of the pie, don’t miss this chance to join forces with Ada.

CX Design Engineer — DropBox

Salary: $108,600–$169,200

Perks: It’s no surprise that a tech giant like DropBox has a lot to offer its employees. On top of a big, cushy benefits plan with bonus mental health and wellness coverage, you’ll get a Perks Allowance fund to spend on almost anything you want. They’ll even throw in some shares of company stock to sweeten the deal.

Paid parental leave, adoption and surrogacy support are all part of the package, so if you’ve got babies on the brain, DropBox is happy to accommodate.

Why It’s Hot: Um, it’s freaking DropBox. You’ll be rolling with the Silicon Valley hotshots without having to pack up your life and move to California. Help design software that’s used by *millions* of people—that’s a rich source of bragging rights, no doubt.  

The CX Industry is Getting Bigger, Fast

Remember when you were limited to the jobs available locally? Good riddance to that. Now,  world-class talent can access world-class jobs, distance be damned, and one of these gigs might just be your next big career move.

Stay tuned for a fresh new batch of sexy jobs in CX for December 2022, and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, tool reviews, and resources for experience-minded pros like you.    

Hannah Clark
By Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark is the Editor of The CX Lead. After serving over 12 years working in front-line customer experience for major brands, Hannah pivoted to a career in digital publishing and media production. Having gained a holistic view of the challenges and intricacies of delivering exceptional experiences, Hannah aims to help CX practitioners 'level up' their skills by amplifying the voices of today's thought leaders in the space.