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Brace yourselves: the season of Pumpkin Spice is fast approaching. Between the seven-dollar lattes, irresistible fall fashion drops, date nights at the pumpkin patch, and back-to-school shopping, September can get pretty expensive! If you want to indulge in all the pleasures of the season—without your bank account going into the negative—you’re gonna need a job with great pay, spectacular perks, and plenty of flexibility. The good news is, these remote jobs in CX offer plenty of (metaphorical) fruit in exchange for your labor. 

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Support Associate (Part Time)  — BCLC (Canada Only)

Salary: $48,825 – $76,287 CAD

Perks: That salary is tremendous for an entry-level, part-time gig! Starting at 22.5 hours per week, this remote position is perfect for students, parents, or entrepreneurs with a steady side hustle. As a Top 50 Employer in British Columbia, you can bet that BCLC will offer a generous health and wellness package. The perks don’t stop there: BCLC offers a technology purchase plan so you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment in your decked-out home office!

Why It’s Hot: As the Pacific province’s gaming authority, BCLC manages and oversees all lottery sales, casino gambling, sports betting, and online casino gaming, while mitigating risks for the community and ensuring safe, ethical standards of practice. They’re on a hot streak of 16 consecutive years of exceptional employee experience, so there’s lots to look forward to by joining this team.   

Contact Center Representative: GEC Educator — lululemon (PST Canada Only)

Salary: $17.20 – $26.27 CAD

Perks: One of the obvious perks of a remote career is getting to work in your yoga pants—and with this position at lululemon, you can snag some spicy discounts on that primo athleisure! You’ll also get full reimbursement for the computer gear you need to do your job, plus a monthly stipend for WiFi. Lulu’s compensation package is topped off with a generous health and dental package, professional development and mentorship programs, a monthly budget for fitness classes, and RRSP, and paid vacation time starting day one of employment! 

Why It’s Hot: If you’re a yoga buff—or, at the very least, you dress like one—you’re in for a treat, working for the world’s premier yoga pants emporium. With a rotation of hours and shifts more flexible than a lycra bodysuit, this position should allow for a pretty satisfying work/life balance. 

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Consumer Experience Representative — The Knot Worldwide (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: The Knot Worldwide is the parent company for a variety of publications and services that celebrate the “moments that matter”—AKA, weddings, babies, and all of life’s big milestones. Predictably, they’re very accommodating for schedule changes, and they offer a generous parental leave plan for new parents on the team! They also offer a pretty unique variety of holistic offerings for health and wellness, plus discounted products and services, so if you’ve got any big moments worth celebrating, The Knot will hook you up with the goods!

Why It’s Hot: In this role, you’ll get to assist customers as they navigate The Knot’s digital products and services for planning big life events. If you’ve got a chronic case of wedding fever and baby brain, this is a job you’ll really enjoy! Help guide users through designing and distributing party invites, launching online wedding microsites, creating gift registries, and more. You’re likely to gain some solid party planning skills along the way!

Intermediate CX Jobs

Senior Adventure Coordinator — Let’s Roam (Canada)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Let’s Roam offers a whopping four weeks of paid vacation, plus extra paid sick days and volunteering time! After one year of employment, you’ll be eligible for up to $800 towards a flight to one of their participating cities. You’ll also get $450 each year for training and education opportunities, plus a bonus $200 to go towards something new and exciting to take you out of your comfort zone! Top it off with a 401k and a bonus wellness fund—not too shabby!

Why It’s Hot: Part-CX expert, part-adventure guide—this position with Let’s Roam looks like so much fun! They offer outdoor group activity packages like city scavenger hunts and ghost tours, team-building parties like murder mysteries and virtual escape rooms, and even custom party packages for bachelorette parties. As a Senior Adventure Coordinator, you’ll be the first point of contact for folks planning their exciting excursions. Help choose the perfect activity package, provide phone and chat support, and follow up afterwards to gather feedback and keep ‘em coming for more! 

Customer Experience Lead — US Fertility (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: US Fertility offers its employees competitive pay with bonuses, a 401k, medical + dental + vision, and lots of paid time off to go explore the world! They’re big on employee development, so if you’d like to upskill with some new courses or training, you’ll be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Let’s hear it for free school!  

Why It’s Hot: It’s nice having a career where you can make a difference in people’s lives—but in this role, the positive impact is on a whole other level! The team at US Fertility is literally helping people create new life, NBD. As the CX Lead, you’ll oversee the triage team as they take on new patients and help them explore the services and resources available for makin’ babies!

PS: If you’ve got lots of experience working in a call center, US Fertility also has a Director of Call Center Management position available!

Customer Intelligence Specialist — Bath Fitter (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Bath Fitter’s got some big bennies! They offer a 401k with company match, group insurance, free tech gear to use at work, an employee assistance program, heaps of paid vacation time, and most importantly: phat discounts. They’re big on internal hires, so if you want to work your way up in the CX department, opportunities are on the horizon!  

Why It’s Hot: These guys have a massive presence across North America! A leader in bathroom plumbing and fixture installation, Bath Fitter has been turning drab water closets into serene havens of self care for 40 years and counting. If you envision for yourself a future that includes watching Netflix and drinking wine in a claw-foot tub, this job could make that dream happen for you.   

Senior CX Jobs

Director of Customer Journey and Experience — Intangles (Canada)

Salary: $125,000 – $145,000 CAD

Perks: Extended health care, vision, dental, and employee assistance—all the usual suspects and more are included in this sweet compensation package! And with that six-figure salary, you’ll have plenty of room in the budget for vacations and activities to enjoy during your paid time off. 

Why It’s Hot: There’s an AI for everything these days! Intangles has found their own niche market in transportation, creating logistics software for heavy-duty truck fleets. They rely on “Digital Twins,” (a 3D simulation modeling tool—not a sitcom on the WB starring Mary Kate and Ashley as teenage computer hackers). 

CX Manager — Coterie (US Only)

Salary: $105,000 – $125,000

Perks: Anyone who has raised a baby can attest to the mind-boggling speed at which they can annihilate a box of diapers. With a job at Coterie, you can reap all the benefits of a huge employee discount on high-quality diapers and other baby products! Their tremendous compensation package offers medical, dental, and vision insurance, plus meaningful equity stake and a 401(k) with company matching. Parents-to-be can enjoy a 16-week parental leave and a free membership to Maven—a family planning program for employees and partners. Spruce up your space with a $900 Work-from-home furnishing stipend, and bask in the beauty of unlimited paid time off. 

Why It’s Hot: The world is never going to stop needing diapers—unless AI makes some really impressive advancements—so until then, this award-winning company is poised for steady growth. Parents Magazine named them the number one diaper in the world, and they seem to know what they’re talking about! 

Team Lead: CX Development — 1Password (North America)

Salary $92,000 – $124,000

Perks: Listen, y’all—the benefits and bonus plans for 1Password employees are loaded with more tasty extras than a twice-baked potato. Get a load of this: parental leave top-up programs, a wellness spending account, paid time off, company-wide wellness days, free membership to Headspace, and a comprehensive benefits package that covers all the bases for your physical and mental health. Long-term outlook seems pretty great: you’ll receive an employee stock option for company equity, a retirement matching program, a budget for training opportunities, and of course, free accounts and learning sessions from 1Password! Sa-weeeet.

Why It’s Hot: This password storage software has simplified online account management for millions of people around the world! Businesses, families, your Boomer aunt who keeps accidentally downloading viruses to the desktop computer—1Password has cybersecurity offerings that can help them all, regardless of their level of internet-savvy. 

Senior Director of CX Operations: Payments and Disputes — Upwork (US Only)

Salary $152,000 – $262,000

Perks: It’s not just the salary that makes this position attractive! In addition to all the necessary medical, insurance, and retirement benefits, Upwork provides a whole lotta extras! Cell phone and wifi reimbursement, discount pet insurance, adoption and fertility support, Lyft credits, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, swag for the office, and unlimited paid time off—this compensation package is the real deal. 

Why It’s Hot: As an online marketplace for businesses to seek professional services, Upwork makes it so much easier for freelancers to find job opportunities. From tech gurus, to graphic designers, and writers of Pulitzer-worthy blogs, Upwork is helping millions of independent creators live out their dream!

Make It A CX-tember To Remember

How could we possibly work in a sad beige office all day when there is a crisp fall breeze outside? Those colorful leaves aren’t going to admire themselves. With remote work, you can work where you want, on your terms—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Not seeing your dream CX job? Don’t fret—we drop a brand-new list of remote CX jobs in North America every month. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, tool reviews, and resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.    

Hannah Clark
By Hannah Clark

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