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In this review, I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with Help Scout. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best live chat tools, check out my picks for the best live chat software. You probably already know that Help Scout is among the most popular live chat tools out there, but you need to better understand what’s good (and not so good) about it.

This in-depth Help Scout review will walk you through the tool's pros and cons, features and functionality, and more to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and its suitability for your needs.

Help Scout software review, a screenshot image of the tool's feature
I like how Help Scout's automatic workflow feature, shown here, streamlines and automates repetitive tasks, improving productivity and enhancing customer support efficiency.

Help Scout Product Overview

Help Scout functions as an intuitive customer service hub, primarily tailoring its offerings to small businesses and startups. It adeptly manages support tickets, funneling them into organized mailboxes, ensuring each support request is accounted for and handled efficiently. Its Beacon widget stands as a hallmark feature, integrating various support tools in one accessible spot, while the Docs feature ensures information is readily available and easy to read.

Notifications are streamlined through a mobile app, available on iOS, keeping user interfaces responsive and up-to-date. Help Scout further enrich the user experience by providing metrics, templates, and private notes, enhancing the capacity to manage support tools effectively. The platform also allows for an assigned account manager role, ensuring specialized attention to each client's needs, bolstered by features like satisfaction ratings to maintain a pulse on customer contentment.


  • Shared Inboxes: Shared inboxes mean that team collaboration becomes more streamlined, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered.
  • Automated Workflows: Automated workflows simplify the process of managing customer interactions by organizing and prioritizing tasks efficiently.
  • Detailed Reports: The availability of detailed reports means that businesses can gain better insights into customer satisfaction and team performance.


  • Limited Integrations: Limited integrations indicate that some users might find it doesn’t connect easily with all the tools they currently use.
  • Learning Curve: A learning curve is present, requiring teams to invest time in mastering the software to utilize it effectively.
  • Advanced Customization: Despite its robust features, Help Scout lacks advanced customization options that some businesses might find necessary for unique use cases.

Expert Opinion

In weighing Help Scout against competitors in customer experience tech, several dimensions come to the forefront. The interface is user-friendly, and the functionality aligns well with the essential needs of a customer service team, particularly in the eCommerce space. When analyzing features, it holds its ground, offering a suite of tools that facilitate better customer interactions and internal collaboration. In terms of integrations, it could offer a broader spectrum to enhance its compatibility with various external tools and platforms.

Choosing Help Scout seems judicious for SMBs and eCommerce businesses seeking a balance between functionality and simplicity. It performs admirably in core aspects but may not be the prime choice for those seeking extensive customization and integration options.

Help Scout: The Bottom Line

Help Scout distinguishes itself through a focus on simplifying customer service communication. It’s shared inboxes and automated workflows stand out, offering tools that enhance team collaboration and improve customer interaction efficiency. These features, paired with its robust reporting capabilities, make it a potent tool for managing and optimizing customer communication for small and medium-sized businesses in the e-commerce sector.

Help Scout Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Shared Inboxes - Yes
  2. Email Integration - Yes
  3. Live Chat - Yes
  4. Social Media Integration - No
  5. Knowledge Base/FAQ - Yes
  6. Multi-Channel Support - Yes
  7. Automated Workflows - Yes
  8. Custom Fields - Yes
  9. Customer Segmentation - Yes
  10. Macros/Quick Replies - Yes
  11. Customer History - Yes
  12. Analytics and Reporting - Yes
  13. Mobile Support - Yes
  14. API Access - Yes
  15. Customizable Branding - Yes
  16. Self-Service Options - Yes
  17. Integration with CRM - Yes
  18. Ticket Collision Detection - Yes
  19. Role-Based Permissions - Yes
  20. Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Yes
  21. SLA Management - No
  22. Multi-Language Support - No
  23. Community Forums - No
  24. Collaboration Tools - Yes
  25. Third-Party Integrations - Yes

Help Scout Feature Overview

  1. Shared Inboxes: Help Scout’s shared inboxes facilitate team collaboration, ensuring that customer queries receive timely and appropriate responses. This feature promotes team synergy and improves the overall management of customer conversations.
  2. Email Integration: With email integration, Help Scout allows smooth management of customer emails, enhancing responsiveness and ensuring that no message goes unnoticed.
  3. Live Chat: Help Scout’s live chat feature enables real-time communication with customers, providing immediate assistance and improving customer satisfaction.
  4. Automated Workflows: This feature allows the automation of repetitive tasks, ensuring that customer queries are managed efficiently and effectively.
  5. Custom Fields: Custom fields in Help Scout allow for the tracking of specific information about customers or their queries, enabling a more personalized service.
  6. Macros/Quick Replies: Macros facilitate quicker response times by allowing the use of saved replies, thus enhancing efficiency.
  7. Customer History: Having a detailed customer history available ensures that support teams can provide personalized and informed assistance based on past interactions.
  8. Analytics and Reporting: Help Scout offers insightful analytics and reporting features that allow for the evaluation and improvement of customer service operations.
  9. API Access: The availability of API access allows businesses to tailor their Help Scout experience, integrating with other tools and services as needed.
  10. Integration with CRM: CRM integration ensures that customer data is synchronized and accessible, allowing for a more cohesive customer service process.

Standout Functionality

Help Scout sets itself apart through its exceptional shared inboxes, automated workflows, and live chat feature. The shared inboxes streamline collaboration and communication within customer service teams, ensuring efficient handling of customer queries. Automated workflows stand out by optimizing the customer service process, ensuring that every customer interaction is managed promptly and effectively. Lastly, the live chat feature enhances real-time engagement with customers, ensuring immediate query resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Help Scout offers out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Zapier, and Jira. It also provides API access, allowing businesses to create custom integrations to suit their unique needs. Furthermore, there are several add-ons available to extend Help Scout's capabilities, including eCommerce platforms and CRM systems.

Help Scout Pricing

Pricing information for Help Scout is available on their website, offering a range of plans suited to different business needs. These plans include:

  1. Standard Plan: $20/user/month (25 users max; billed annually). This tier includes basic features, including two shared inboxes, automated workflows, one Docs knowledge base, and more.
  2. Plus Plan: $40/user/month (billed annually). This tier provides five shared inboxes, 2 Docs knowledge bases, advanced permissions and tracking, AI assist, and more.
  3. Pro Plan: $65/user/month (10 users min; billed annually). This tier is perfect for large teams, with 25 shared inboxes, enterprise security, HIPAA compliance, concierge onboarding services, and more.

Ease of Use

Help Scout maintains a user-friendly interface that simplifies the onboarding process. However, some complexities require a learning curve to fully understand and utilize the software’s capabilities. The organization within the tool is logical, but mastering some of the advanced features might take time.

Customer Support

Help Scout provides a reliable customer support system, including documentation and live chat. While the resources available are generally helpful, some users might find the response times to be lacking in certain instances. The support channels are efficient but might not cover all the potential queries users might have thoroughly.

Help Scout Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Help Scout?

In the realm of customer support, Help Scout seems to resonate profoundly with small to medium-sized businesses, particularly in the e-commerce and SaaS sectors. Companies that emphasize detailed, personable customer interactions find value in Help Scout's curated feature set. Teams focused on email support, shared inbox management, and building a comprehensive knowledge base are likely to find the tool indispensable.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Help Scout?

Help Scout may not meet the expectations of larger enterprises or businesses with a need for extensive multi-channel support, such as social media integration. Companies seeking advanced SLA management features or extensive language support might also find Help Scout somewhat limiting. Businesses that heavily rely on community forum interaction for customer engagement and support might want to explore other options.

Help Scout FAQs

What kind of customer support does Help Scout offer?

Help Scout offers various support channels, including email support, a knowledge base, and community forums.

Does Help Scout offer API access?

Yes, Help Scout provides API access for enhanced customization and integration.

Is there a mobile application available for Help Scout?

Yes, Help Scout offers a mobile application for on-the-go access.

Does Help Scout offer social media integration?

No, Help Scout currently doesn’t offer social media integration.

Can I customize Help Scout according to my business needs?

Yes, Help Scout allows customization like adding custom fields and branding.

Does Help Scout support multiple languages?

Help Scout primarily supports English and lacks extensive multi-language support.

Is there a free version of Help Scout available?

Yes, Help Scout offers a free version with limited features.

What kind of reporting and analytics does Help Scout offer?

Help Scout provides reporting and analytics features to monitor customer interactions and team performance.

Alternatives to Help Scout

  • Zendesk: Suited for businesses seeking robust multi-channel support, including social media integrations.
  • Freshdesk: A viable option for those who prioritize extensive automation and AI capabilities in their customer support software.
  • Intercom: Optimal for businesses looking to incorporate in-app messaging and a rich set of customer engagement tools.

Help Scout Company Overview & History

Help Scout focuses on creating customer service software that fosters meaningful connections between businesses and their customers. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, it’s a company embraced by various industries, with e-commerce being a significant sector. Privately owned, Help Scout champions the mission of making every customer interaction more human and personable.

The company doesn’t flaunt an array of notable board members or advisors but maintains a steadfast focus on cultivating a product that resonates with customer-centric values and functionalities.


Help Scout emerges as a formidable ally for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to enrich their email support and customer engagement avenues. It carves its niche by prioritizing a simplistic yet effective approach to customer service, with features like shared inboxes and detailed customer histories. This has earned it a spot on the list of noteworthy live chat software for websites.

While it has its limitations, such as the lack of extensive multi-language support and social media integration, it holds its ground as a reliable tool for a customer-focused business environment. Potential users are encouraged to delve into its offerings and discern whether its functionalities align with their customer service aspirations. Feel free to share your experiences and insights regarding Help Scout in the comments.

Hannah Clark
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