10 Best Customer Service Email Management Software For 2022

So, you’re starting every day reading emails and thinking you’ll reply to only the most important ones, only to realize a couple hours have gone by and you’re practically where you started. I get it—email management is tricky. So how do we become more efficient at dealing with our email, so it doesn’t overwhelm us?

For many, fixing the pain of email could involve at least one inbox strategy, one triage strategy, and one boxing strategy. Mark Auzenne put it well in his podcast when he said, “email is a necessary evil”. These email software options will help you handle large requests, provide better self-service, and create more professional emails to help you focus on what matters most: your customers.    

In this article, I’ll quickly take you through a reliable list of some of the best paid and free email management software to help you and your team, and finish the article by showing how to incorporate them to improve your customer experience management.

Best Customer Service Email Management Software List

  1. Front
  2. HappyFox
  3. Help Scout
  4. Drag
  5. Hiver
  6. Sendinblue
  7. Zendesk
  8. LiveAgent
  9. Freshdesk
  10. Pega

Email Management Software Comparison Criteria

What criteria do I use to evaluate these email management tools? Good email management software will provide an abundance of useful solutions such as: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Is it clean and attractive? Are tickets and requests easy to organize and share? Is there good functionality, personalization, and shared inboxes?
  2. Usability: Is it easy to master, or could it take some time to learn? It is easy to set up shared inboxes and manage roles so that your customer service team has access to what they need? Does the company offer good tech support, a knowledge base, user support, FAQs, tutorials, and training? 
  3. Integrations: Most tools integrate with email; it’s great if they can integrate with your CRMs, too. 
  4. Value for $: How appropriate is the price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent, and flexible? Do the price points suit larger or smaller businesses and startups?

Email Management Software Key Features

  1. Reporting and analytics: the best software has the ability to see email open rates and insights into how your team is doing with responses and statistics 
  2. Workflow automation: the ability to automate processes and organize tasks for your team helps increase efficiency and get you back to what is important 
  3. Collaboration: team collaboration is important — as are shared inboxes to create better flow management
  4. Templates: customization of emails and templates helps to create a more personable connection with your customers as well as improves workability
  5. Personalization: gamification, custom tags, awards, and colorful interfaces are important to help team workflow feel less boring

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Customer Service Email Management Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best email management software on my list showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase some of the features.

1. Front – Best for team collaboration and workflow management

Front Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Front provides an all-in-one workspace that transforms your inbox.

Front is a comprehensive platform for customer requests and communication used by over 6,000 high-impact teams. You can create email templates, instantly route messages, and receive quick integration feedback to help with workflow management. Front excels at collaboration through shared messages so you and your team can access them and communicate internally. 

Front starts out at 9$/user/month for 3 team channels. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

2. HappyFox – Best for customer-facing help desks

Happyfox Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Accurately route, filter, and find support requests.

HappyFox is a collaborative, cloud-based ticketing system providing a speedy support interface for your customers. Trusted by Fortune 500 brands such as Lowe’s and LeapFrog, they aim to create a “one-stop shop” help desk to help your team keep incoming emails together, and stay organized and in control. Users will enjoy the simplicity of using canned responses to address repeated queries as well as the useful reporting widgets and customization. 

HappyFox has a pricing system based on the number of support agents that starts out at $24/month/user.

3. Help Scout – Best for customer support and experience

Help Scout Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Easily toggle between email, chat, requests, and add to the queue all in one interface.

Help Scout is a more personalized email manager used by the likes of Grubhub, Reddit, and Postmark. Whether you have a team of 5 people or 500, the interactive layout keeps everything organized so nothing slips through the cracks.

Help Scout teams will also love the “customer sidebar tool” functionality which allows an easy view of contact information, conversations data, as well as activity and data from other apps. 

Help Scout’s standard pricing plan starts out at $20/month/user, which includes 3 mailboxes, and 1 docs site. There is no full free version yet, but Help Scout offers a small free trial period. 

4. Drag – Best for collaboration from a single place

Drag Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Drag turns your Gmail into a help desk.

Drag is an all-in-one help desk software within your Gmail allowing you to manage, share, and collaborate without switching to another help desk. The integration helps your team build customer relations and workflows for better success, as well as includes the ability to keep track of team member performance. With their real-time insight tool, you can always know how your team is doing in terms of replies, activity, and tasks.

Drag offers a great free option for individuals, and the pro version costs $10/month/user and includes unlimited shared inboxes, boards, and collaboration. 

5. Hiver – Best customer service email software for Gmail users  

Hiver Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Hiver combines with your Gmail to create a new, colorful workplace for your team.

Gmail was not designed for customer service – Hiver bills itself as having a “bordering devotional love for email” and looking at their interface, I fully agree. With trusted success from over 1,500 companies, G-Suite customer teams will love the productivity of improved response times, shared inboxes, and better customer connection. You’ll love their response personalization and email templates. 

On top of everything, Hiver has great price points – starting out at $7/month/user to get your customer service team up and running.

6. Sendinblue – Best all-in-one tool for small businesses

Sendinblue Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Do more with advanced automation workflow.

If you’re looking for a tool that does marketing automation, email campaigning, transactional emails, and personalizes CRM, Sendinblue takes the cake. Small businesses will love the accessibility of creating landing pages, signup forms, Facebook ads, and retargeting features. The free plan alone allows for up to 300 emails per day with unlimited contact options. 

The lite version starts at 25/month, and the tool also offers larger plans for enterprise businesses. 

7. Zendesk – Best email management tool for startups

Zendesk Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Easily track and prioritize tickets with Zendesk integrated support.

The Zendesk email support software streamlines support with predefined responses called macros, to quickly solve problems without your team sounding like robots. Their software prides itself on saving time with built-in SLAs for support tickets so your support team always knows the status. Teams also have access to native mobile apps in order to get back to customers. 

This clean, appealing software has plans for teams and companies of all sizes. Zendesk offers a 6-month free program specifically for startup businesses. Their essential plan starts off from $5/month/agent.   

8. LiveAgent – Best help desk gamification system

Liveagent Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Make customer service fun with gamification features.

LiveAgent provides your team with an advanced ticketing system that is shared through a universal inbox allowing you and your team to easily resolve queries. Their gamification system allows you to assign benchmarks, levels, and badges, as well as view a team leaderboard. On top of its endless features and customization, LiveAgent offers very reasonable plans for every business. 

Their full-sized ticketing plan starts out at $15/month/agent. LiveAgent offers a free plan with some limitations or a 14-day trial period for larger plans.  

9. Freshdesk – Best for small business service desks

Freshdesk Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Designed for team collaborations, helping you do so much more than just send a reply.

Aside from being one of LinkedIn’s top companies in “where India wants to work now”, Freshdesk gears its collaborative ticketing system and AI to create solutions for your team in any industry.

Their AI integrated ticketing system, “Freddy”, saves you from all the mundane and repetitive tasks to save you and your customers time. Their product also connects with different tools such as Slack. 

After the 21-day free trial, Freshdesk offers their “blossom” plan at $15/month/agent.

10. Pega – Best quick response to large email quantities

Pega Customer Service Email Management Software Screenshot
Use Pega’s AI Email Bot to map, understand, and organize email topics.

This advanced email bot takes action on your email by using award winning case management to create channel-less experiences and streamline your customer service operations.

Their machine learning technology constantly learns to provide the most accurate responses for your customers’ issues. Pega uses a simple-to-configure interface, and intelligent routing to triage emails to the right person.     

Pega provides four “editions” dependent by case and business type starting from $97. Those include a customer engagement edition, an enterprise edition, a case management edition (starting at $0.47/case), and finally, a unified messaging edition. 

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Other Customer Service Email Management Software Options

If you want a few more email management tools, I’ve got you covered.

  1. Appian – Best for teams who need custom BPM creation and features.
  2. Gmelius – Another good Gmail-integrated email management tool for small businesses.
  3. Outpost – A shared inbox to boost team productivity. 
  4. SpamTitan – A great anti-spam filter for businesses.

What Do You Think About These Email Management Software Options? 

Have you had a chance to trial and error any of these software options? Are there any good ones that we missed? Are there any you or your team absolutely love? 

A great email software manager that has quick, customizable responses, gives your business a personality while allowing your team to efficiently solve any customer issue will lead to higher overall satisfaction, in terms of your customer satisfaction metrics. Mastering email isn’t easy yet understanding how to incorporate one or more of these tools into your daily routine will let you get the most out of your time.

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