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Spooky season is officially over, and Mariah Carey has awakened from her 10-month slumber to dominate the airwaves with her wintery siren song. Though commonly known as the most wonderful time of the year, the weeks leading up to our winter holidays are arguably the most expensive time of year, too. 

NGL, Mariah — all we want for Christmas is a job with great pay, plenty of vacation time, and some solid wellness benefits to get us through another cold and flu season. 

If you can’t handle another winter of working in retail chaos or a dusty old office, listening to the same holiday music playlists for two months on repeat, we come bearing gifts of good news: it doesn’t have to be like this! With a remote job in CX, you work from the comfort of your own home, and you have full control over the playlist.

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Support Associate — Betterment (US Only)

Salary: $36,000 – $54,000 

Perks: This New York-based fintech company takes good care of its people! Seems pretty on-brand, considering they create software solutions for retirement savings. On top of the usual medical, dental, and vision, Betterment offers extended health benefits for things like fertility treatments and gender-affirming care. Flexible paid time off, a variety of insurance offerings, and paid parental leave make this entry-level gig stand out from the basics. Feel free to visit their Manhattan office headquarters and enjoy a gourmet lunch, courtesy of the in-house chef. 

Why It’s Hot: Fintech, Manhattan, in-house chef… these are all pretty nice things to hear—but the support aspect is what makes this job appealing. Instead of your typically sales-y position, you’re helping people save money instead. They have a big focus on retail investors, and a lot of their retirement solutions are created for small businesses. That’s a pretty innovative way to support local!     

Customer Success Specialist — Kognitiv Inc. (North America)

Salary: $55,000 – $170,000 

Perks: That’s a freaking huge salary range—especially for an entry-level position—but it’s commensurate with experience and training. The great thing about that is, there’s plenty of room to move upwards as you develop your skills.  They’re big on encouraging continued professional development, so getting some extra certifications could result in a big salary boost!    

Why It’s Hot: Kognitiv creates ai-based solutions for customer satisfaction and loyalty programs.      In this role, you’re kind of the middleman between the customer and the tech team, communicating through challenges and seeking solutions. Naturally, you’re going to gain a lot of valuable CX knowledge in this environment! 

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Customer Onboarding Specialist — Par (North America)

Salary: $28–$31/hr CAD

Perks: An annual healthcare reimbursement stipend helps cover any surprise expenses that aren’t included in your health, dental, and vision benefits. And if the doctor orders some rest and relaxation? You’re welcome to take advantage of your unlimited paid time off and recharge near the seaside. Top it off with paid parental leave, financial and retirement planning services, and professional development opportunities—a future with Par has a whole lot to offer!  

Why It’s Hot: Par develops POS solutions for restaurants (for those of you who haven’t waited tables before, that’s a computer program for servers to punch in their food orders). With a massive client base across 120 countries, loads of customizable offerings, and an impressive number of awards for being an outstanding employer, this SaaS company seems to be doing everything right. 

Intermediate CX Jobs:

Consumer Experience Manager (Direct Marketing) — Aventiv  (US Only)

Salary: $73,120 - $83,357

Perks:  The job posting lists all the basic necessities for employee benefits—health coverage, insurance, 401k, yadda yadda—but wait, there’s more! Aventiv created a video for prospective employees that outlines some of the most noteworthy work perks, including tuition reimbursement, a top-rated wellness program, and a collection of partnering companies offering product discounts.  

Why It’s Hot: This job is at the mega-exciting crossroads of CX and marketing. If you’re a creative type who’s full of big ideas, and you’ve got a knack for strategy and data analysis, you’ll love this gig. In terms of the work Aventiv is doing—well, it’s pretty remarkable. Aventiv creates communications software for correctional facilities. The goal is for incarcerated folks to stay in touch with their families and maintain those meaningful connections, furthering their chances at successful rehabilitation and a brighter future. 

Customer Experience Manager — Slack (Canada Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Salesforce, the software developer behind Slack, offers a generous benefits plan that goes above and beyond the basics. They’re big on investing in employee mental health, so you’ll have easy access to a wealth of counseling and therapeutic resources. They also offer an employee stock program, which is pretty attractive, considering how quickly this tech company has exploded over the past decade. 

Why It’s Hot: Anyone familiar with remote work life has surely heard of Slack—arguably one of the biggest workplace communication platforms in existence. And thanks to the mass global shift towards hybrid work models, Slack is officially the fastest growing enterprise software ever. When 77 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Slack as their go-to productivity tool, it’s safe to say they’re really killing it out there. 

Customer Success Manager — Rockerbox (US Only)

Salary: $100,000 – $120,000

Perks: That six-figure salary is a pretty good start, but the perks keep coming and they don’t stop coming. Health benefits, 401k options, a $1000 yearly training stipend, and paid parental leave are just the tip of the iceberg! In addition to ten paid holidays each year, you’re entitled to unlimited paid time off. And don’t worry about having to book time off in December—Rockerbox shuts down operations for the last week of the year, so everyone gets a chance to rest and recalibrate before the new year. 

Why It’s Hot: With only two years of experience required in customer success within an SaaS or ad tech environment, this is a smokin’ hot position for a junior professional looking to move on up in the world! Rockerbox creates tools for marketing professionals to analyze customer engagement and campaign results, so you’re bound to become a bona fide expert in customer journeys! 

Senior CX Jobs

Operations Lead (Member Experience) — Kindred (US Only)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks: Kindred really lives up to their name. They treat their employees like family! And not the chaotic, dysfunctional kind—the kind that lets you stay at any of their rental houses for free. You’re also entitled to $10,000 in fertility benefits, a $1000 yearly travel stipend, exceptional medical coverage, unlimited vacation time, and regular off-site adventures so you can connect with your team! 

Why It’s Hot: Remember that movie The Holiday where an English Kate Winslet and Californian Cameron Diaz swap houses over the Christmas break, meet the loves of their lives, and do a bunch of other sappy rom com stuff? Well, Kindred is doing exactly that: creating a platform for house-swappers to enjoy vacations without spending exorbitant amounts on hotels. Who knows, maybe a charming meet-cute with a Jude Law look-alike could be in your near future?

Senior CX Instructional Designer — 1Password  (North America)

Salary: $88,000 – $118,000 USD / $82,000 – $112,000 CAD

Perks: As soon as you’re hired, you’re enrolled in 1Password’s fully-loaded benefits plan, complete with a bonus spending account and access to a licensed wellness coach. If you’re expanding the family, they’ve got a parental leave top-up program, so you can enjoy even more of those precious moments with your sweet bambino. Enjoy company-wide wellness days off throughout the year to keep the burnout at bay! 

Why It’s Hot: Password management software is an absolute game changer for anyone concerned about their cybersecurity. From major businesses with loads of company accounts, to your elderly grandma who still hasn’t figured out texting, 1Password helps keep your online accounts safe and secure. They’ve got a diverse team of artsy, friendly folks who’ve fostered a tight-knit community, despite being spread all around the globe, so you’ll likely make some cool new work friends despite working remotely. 

Director of Digital Customer Experience — Informatica (North America)

Salary: Not Listed

Perks:  Sure, you may be at the top of the food chain in terms of your status as a CX professional—but if you wanna get some additional training under your belt, Informatica offers tuition reimbursement! Paid parental leave and adoption benefits, flexible time off, a mental health and employee assistance program, and a variety of insurance and retirement benefits are all part of the package. 

Why It’s Hot: Ready to take your place as the CX commander of an AI cloud data juggernaut? “Director” looks reeeaaal good in a job title! And as far as company culture goes, Informatica has awards in spades. Best in show for career growth, diversity, engineering, innovation, and being an awesome place to work—Informatica aces them all. 

Vice President of Customer Support (Trilogy) — Crossover (North America)

Salary: $200,000 

Perks:  At Crossover, most employees are hired on as independent contractors, so you don’t get the typical benefits package you’d find at a full-time gig. HOWEVER! They more than compensate for that with a dummy-thicc salary. When you’re making $200,000 a year (while maintaining full control over your schedule and vacation time), you’ll have no trouble securing affordable health coverage or other wellness resources. 

Why It’s Hot: Considering you only need five years of experience in tech support and three years writing code, this job is an absolute dream opportunity! With employees in Brazil, New Zealand, Poland, and all corners of the earth, Crossover is helping SaaS professionals snag that sweet Silicon Valley pay, without having to relocate to the California coast.  

Don’t Wait Around For Grandma’s Holiday Card — Get A Fat Cheque From Your New Boss!

What could be better than escaping the winter frenzy by staying warm and cozy at home, working your new remote job in CX? The home office is a Michael Buble-free zone, and there is no pressure to perform any corporate holly jolly-isms — although, if you want to wear your fleecy footsie pajamas all day, we can get on board with that. 

New remote opportunities in the CX industry are appearing every day! Tune in next month for a fresh batch of December jobs you won’t wanna miss! In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, tool reviews, and resources for CX pros and emerging industry talent.