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Spending too much time wistfully staring out the office window and sitting through meetings that could have been emails? It might be time to make the switch to a remote job in CX. After all, it’s called working from home—not working from house. If your happy place is the corner booth in the Applebee’s lounge, then by all means, set up camp. Who says you can’t crush bottomless sodas and quesadilla burgers while you’re on the clock? 

Working at the crossroads of people and technology makes for an engaging and ever-evolving career path. From entry-level positions to senior management, there are spectacular opportunities popping up across North America for remote CX professionals. Here are some brand spankin’ new openings you won’t want to miss!

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Entry-Level CX Jobs
Intermediate CX Jobs
Senior CX Jobs

Entry-Level CX Jobs

Customer Support Associate — Instrumentl (North America)

Salary: $45,000 – $55,000

Perks: 100% coverage for health, dental, and vision? Might as well order some cool new statement glasses and get those teeth whitened! They also offer 50% coverage for all dependents, and a generous paid time off policy with parental leave, making this an amazing opportunity for a parent looking to make a career change. And if your laptop is broken because your kid smushed a peanut butter sandwich into the keyboard, don’t worry—Instrumentl will give you a company laptop with a bonus stipend to set up your workstation! 

Why It’s Hot: Instrumentl offers a software platform for non-profit organizations that helps them to manage fundraising revenue and grants. As far as your customer base goes, you’re going to be working with a lot of remarkable people doing meaningful work for the greater good! That’s sure to spark a little inspiration and optimism into each day. 

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Customer Success Technical Consultant — ALLPLAN (US Only)

Salary: $42,000 – $50,000

Perks: ALLPLAN’s small-scale US branch has a tight-knit, collaborative team—but with all the stability of a huge global tech company. Enjoy a flexible time-off policy, a retirement plan with company match, and a fully-loaded insurance package with health, dental, vision, and life coverage. They’ve got headquarters in Germany and Austria, so if you work your way up the ranks, some awesome travel opportunities could be in your future!   

Why It’s Hot: Got a background in construction or contracting, and want to make the switch to something less physically demanding? Here’s an amazing opportunity to break into CX! ALLPLAN develops design software for property developers, architects, and engineers. If you’ve got a solid idea of how to navigate digital drafting tools, you’ll go far in this position. 

Tech Support Consultant (Bilingual) — Rogers (Canada Only)

Salary: $20.68 CAD / hr 

Perks: On top of your hourly wages, comprehensive medical benefits, insurance, and retirement savings plans, tech support consultants at Rogers receive monthly performance bonuses of up to $1000 following their probationary period! Now, piles of money are awesome and all, but there are plenty of other reasons why this gig rules. Their product discounts are out of this world: 50% off all Rogers products and services, 50% off Toronto Blue Jays tickets, 25% off anything from The Shopping Channel, and a 20% discount on all wireless accessories! If you—or your kids—are pursuing post-secondary education, you could be eligible for one of 150 first-year entrance scholarships of $2500! 

Why It’s Hot: Let’s face it: new phones are expensive. But if your deep yearning for the latest technology is too strong to resist, this job is a fantastic way to get exclusive access to the newest gadgets at a fraction of the cost. You’ll need to be fluent in spoken and written French to perform this role, with schedule flexibility to accommodate their variable hours—but other than that, the requirements are pretty lax! 

Intermediate CX Jobs

Virtual Implementation Consultant — e-Emphasys Technologies (North America)

Salary: $70,000 – $77,000 USD / $80,000 – $90,000 CAD

Perks: That salary is pretty spicy considering you don’t need much experience going into the position! e-Emphasys Technologies also offer a comprehensive medical benefits plan, a 401k with company match, a good chunk of paid vacation time, and a company laptop to get all your work done. They recently merged with another big tech company, so future prospects and bonus perks are looking pretty promising!

Why It’s Hot: e-Emphasys develops software for dealerships in the industrial machinery industry, and they’ve got a wide variety of clients in agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, and transportation. Prior knowledge of heavy equipment and/or work experience in a dealership are huge assets for this position! This job doesn’t actually require a great deal of CX experience, so it’s an incredible opportunity to boost your career and your salary, fast. 

Senior Customer Success Manager — (US Only)

Salary: $100,000 – $140,000 

Perks: The salary is thicc, and the medical benefits are *chef’s kiss.* You’ll also get to enjoy a lot of flexibility in your working hours. So long as your team is able to get in contact with you, and your work gets done on time, you can start your day whenever your heart desires. 

Why It’s Hot: This SaaS fintech company creates platforms for banks and credit unions—so, it’s safe to say they’ve got clients with big money! Unsurprisingly, they’re doing pretty well for themselves— was recently named one of the top 100 fastest-growing fintech companies in Silicon Valley.  

Customer Success Manager — Carrot Fertility (North America)

Salary: $82,000 – $109,000

Perks: In addition to the usual lineup of medical, dental, and vision, you’ll be eligible for a $15,000 plan design for fertility and family-forming care! In vitro, egg freezing, surrogacy, and even gender-affirming care services are available through this revolutionary platform. Carrot Fertility also offers a 401k, a home office stipend, flexible vacation, 14 weeks of paid parental leave, mental health support, and access to telehealth medical care. 

Why It’s Hot: There’s a tech platform for everything! Carrot Fertility carved out their niche in the business of making babies—and their software has helped parents in over 130 countries expand their families. Their inclusive, accessible offerings made available through employer benefits packages. So, if folks wanna freeze a couple embryos for later once they’ve finished building their empire, Carrot Fertility offers resources and support for every step of the journey.  

P.S: Carrot Fertility also has an open Senior Customer Success Manager role that pays $93,000 – $120,000! 

Senior CX Jobs

Voice of Customer Program Manager — Amwell (US Only)

Salary: $99,200 – $136,400

Perks: As you’d come to expect from a Telehealth company, these guys do not skimp on the wellness benefits. You’ll have access to Amwell’s own telehealth services, a free membership to the Calm app, plus comprehensive coverage for healthcare, dental, and vision. If you’d like to take some night classes to level up your skills, Amwell offers tuition assistance—and if you’re not opposed to sleepless nights, they offer paid parental leave as well! And for those of you who have four-legged children at home, you’ll receive pet insurance to keep those vet bills manageable. 

Why It’s Hot: Gotta love low-barrier, accessible options for quality healthcare! The telehealth industry is taking off big time—after all, wouldn’t you rather see a doctor in the comfort of your own home instead of waiting in an office with a bunch of sneezing, sniffling strangers? And with their Amwell Cares program, they give back to the community by offering free services to underprivileged families and those affected by natural disasters. 

Experience Product Management Director — Equinix (North America)

Salary $159,000 – $304,000

Perks: The specific benefits, insurance, family support, and retirement offering will vary depending on your country of origin—but don’t let that dissuade you! This ultra-sustainable, community-minded organization pledges to support your health, your family, and your future. Glassdoor named Equinix one of the best places to work in 2021, and also presented them with the Top Ceo - Employees’ Choice award. Pretty impressive, Equinix!

Why It’s Hot: Equinix has all kinds of software offerings for businesses, but in this role, you’ll be working within their department of HR solutions, focusing on employee experience and product design. With a massive global presence, over 12,000 employees, and 25 years of jaw-dropping success, a future with Equinix is brimming with potential. 

Senior Customer Success Solutions Manager — Entrust (North America)

Salary: $135,000 – $203,000

Perks: Into holistic and alternative medicines? Entrust offers a bonus health savings account plus a flexible spending account for stuff that isn’t covered, like acupuncture or naturopathy. They also offer mental health care, an impressive assortment of insurance packages, parental leave, incremental vacation time, a gym membership, tuition assistance, and performance bonuses!

Why It’s Hot: This cybersecurity trailblazer has been in business since the swinging ‘60s, and they’ve expanded to serve a huge scope of industries. We’re talking big-time clients here—governments, education institutions, healthcare, finance, retail, and more. As technology evolves and more businesses need to rely on advanced softwares, their cybersecurity needs will continue to grow—and you’ll never be short of work!   

Customer Success Manager — Sprout Social (US Only)

Salary: $145,000

Perks: Sprout Social is all about maintaining that healthy work/life balance. They provide flexible paid time off, paid parental leave, and customizable benefits packages for you and your family. They’re Grow@Sprout program offers education and professional development opportunities to take your skills and earning potential further. If you ever want to spend some time in-office, you’re welcome to pop into one of their ultra-cool hubs in the Chicago Loop or downtown Seattle!

Why It’s Hot: Anyone who’s worked in digital marketing has likely encountered Sprout Social—an absolute game-changer when it comes to scheduling and publishing social media content. This mega-successful platform helps streamline and simplify content calendars, so marketers can get more results with less effort. With major clients like DoorDash, General Mills, Trello, Make-a-wish Foundation, Edelman, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, you’ll get to connect with some seriously impressive industry leaders!

Remote Work in CX That Works For You.

You only have one life on this planet! Well, unless reincarnation is real—in which case, you only have one October of 2023. Either way, don’t waste these beautiful autumn days in a boring, stale office! Get outside, enjoy the cool breeze and crunchy leaves, and set up your laptop on a sunny patio somewhere. Life’s too short for fluorescent lighting and beige cubicles.   

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