10 Must-Read Design Thinking, CX & UX Blogs

Here are some great UX blogs, design thinking, and CX thought leaders to learn from if you are looking to discover some new things around the field. These sites are sharing tips, best practices, and interesting stories in design thinking, CX, and the UX field.

1. Views from the Pond by Frog Design

Views from the Pond is a fresh, out of the box thinker who looks at trends, technology, consumer culture worldwide.

Views from the Pond is one of the best blogs to follow when looking for design thinking resources. They are fresh, out of the box thinkers who look at trends, technology, consumer culture worldwide. Frog has some great staff who know their stuff and have more than capably put it into blog form for some quality reading

The Best Part of This Blog:

Article: The Future is Fiction: The future is fiction and with every choice, we are writing that future now. This article and so many like it on this blog are up to date and outward-looking. This article highlights how we are creating our future with today’s machine intelligence and that we need to be aware of that to create the future we want.

2. The Knowledge Vault by Zurb

The authors at Zurb offer unique perspectives through this design thinking blog, with fun design elements to get inspiration from.

Zurb is a hands-on company that is into design thinking and blog about it from experience. They not only design digital products and websites but they also offer great insight into projects to take them to the next level, transforming products and companies as well. They offer unique perspectives through this design thinking blog.

The Best Part of this Blog:

You Can’t Design Without a Growth Mindset – A great article looking at how your team can work on a growth mindset. Having this way of thinking in place means you are more apt to experiment with outside the box thinking.

3. IDEO Design Thinking by Tom Brown

IDEO offers a human-centered approach to building by looking at what people need and what technology can bring to the table.

One of the first companies to work on design thinking innovation, IDEO offers a human-centered approach to building by looking at what people need, what technology can bring to the table, and what is needed to make the business successful. A great design thinking website and content.

The Best Part of this Blog:

How to Lead a Design-Driven Organization – A good blog about breaking out of the old way of thinking. Leadership doesn’t have to be top-down. There are explorers, storytellers, players, and coaches who all can be leaders. A new way of looking at old structures.

4. CX Journey by Annette Frantz

Annette Frantz, the creator behind the CX Journey blog, shares customer experience insights at Refresh 18.

This is one of the best CX blogs going right now. It has everything from a look at customer experience and service along with VoC and leadership talks. The CX resources offered help to address the delivery of improved customer experience and what the future holds for that realm of the business world.

The Best Part of the Blog:

Hot Topics for #CX Professionals in 2019 (and beyond) – This is 19 blogs in one. The author has a great way of writing and shares her top 19 for 2019. Great insight and a look ahead to the future.

5. Customer Bliss by Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss, the the former chief customer officer with Land’s End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker and Allstate who shares insight on her Customer Bliss blog.

This is one of the few CX websites that has content that challenges you to be different and to not only think outside the box but to also live and work outside the box. It’s about integrity and customer-first style, team building, and customer-centric thinking.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Leadership Bravery: Earn Your Legacy by Bravely Choosing How You Will … and Will Not Grow A blog about putting yourself out there and leading with heart and integrity and having leadership bravery and doing what is right, not what is expected.

6. Blake Morgan Blog – by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan covers the the big picture of the CX industry with frequent roundups, articles on stats, trends, influencers, top companies, and more.

A customer-focused site that links you to lots of info on new technologies, ways of thinking, and workable strategies that halt the silo thought process. You can focus on the demands and needs of the customer. Lots of CX info to digest.

The Best Part of this Blog:

Customer Experience Around the World: 25 Examples of Best Practices You Haven’t Heard of This blog sums up much of what Blake Morgan proposes throughout her writing and speaking. Great ways to keep customers happy through often common-sense practicalities.

7. Awwwards by the Awwwards team

Awwards has in-depth coverage of UX, web design, illustration, video, and media from experts in the field.

A web design blog that has some great UX articles from web design gurus from around the world. They share their knowledge and experience and give and listen to critiques. Lots of UX resources on any topic you might be looking for.

The Best Part of the Blog:

The best part of this site is the depth of blogs. They have some of the best UX blogs and depth of content around. It’s the eclectic nature of all the topics that make it great.

8. Design Shack by The Design Shack Team

Design Shack publishes a dozen articles per week featuring design trends, tutorials, templates, and web and product design inspiration.

This is a great site with so much content, specifically UX blogs. The fact that it has a designated spot for UX websites and a product design blog is great. So much information in one space that branches out beyond a UX design blog.

The Best Part of this Blog:

The best part is its organization and depth of content. Fresh looking and easy to read. So much info to share along with linked info that benefits any reader.

9. Beautiful Pixels by Various authors

Beautiful Pixels is lovely to look at and offers some great ideas into what works and what doesn’t.

This site is driven not by the high-end professionals but those who have found some awesome works and want to share them. Different than most sites but really insightful.

The Best Part of the Blog:

The content and focus on pictures and graphics are original and great. Lovely to look at and offers some great ideas into what works and what doesn’t.

10. Noupe by Various Authors

Noupe compiles articles on a broad range of topics ranging from business strategy to app development and startups that designers in all walks of life can learn from.

With over 2500 articles, this blog is one you simply search and click. There is a topic to answer your questions or expand on an idea. If you know what you are searching for then you should find everything UX on this one site.

The Best Part of the Blog:

The best part of this blog set is that there is something for everyone whether you are just starting out or experienced and working for a big company. A great teaching site.

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