10 Best AI Customer Service Software For CX Professionals

This is the ultimate list of the best AI customer service software in 2022. It contains the best AI-driven customer service software along with some bonus AI customer service apps. I also cover a couple of FAQs related to AI customer service solutions.

Customer service AI platforms combine human customer support models and behavioral nuances with machine learning data points to deliver human-like customer resolutions and support at scale. This helps in enabling your business to handle multiple customer queries at the same time and fetch efficient resolutions.

67% of customers will try self-service customer service before seeking out an agent or representative. AI customer service solutions can help optimize these interactions so the customer gets what they need without waiting in a queue. More importantly, AI is the future: some estimate that 95% of customer interactions will be handled by AI/ML by 2050. 

In this article, I will talk about the 10 best AI customer service software that will help deliver human-like customer support at scale and solve customer queries in automation.

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The Best AI Customer Service Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best AI customer service software:

  1. Netomi
  2. Solvvy
  3. TrueLark
  4. Jitbit Helpdesk
  5. Linc
  6. Thankful
  7. Ushr
  8. Balto
  9. Kustomer
  10. Freshdesk

AI Customer Service Software: Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best AI customer service apps? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Is it clean and attractive? Is the interface menu simple and without confusing options? Is it clutter-free and free from off-topic features?
  2. Usability: AI customer service software is mostly used by support agents and customer relationship managers who are more focused on optimizing human interaction than on coding. Hence, an AI customer service software should be easy to use and without any complicated setups involved.
  3. Integrations: Is it easy to connect with other tools? Any pre-built integrations? The best customer intelligence platforms work seamlessly with a vast variety of applications that deal with customer data like helpdesk tools, community platforms, and CRM software.
  4. Value for $: How appropriate is the price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent, and flexible?

AI Customer Service Software: Key Features

Intent prediction 

Intent prediction anticipates when customers need assistance and delivers it to them in a proactive way. This intent prediction is generated by analyzing the customer behavior pattern in the form of clicks, views, drop-offs, purchases, and more activities performed on the website. This helps the AI generate intent predictions that it can then use to message the customer and suggest them the next best action. 

Contextual routing of conversations 

An AI customer service software should have the ability to route complex customer queries to the right agent group while handling simpler queries via its AI chatbot. This automated routing to the right group based on the context of the conversation is a vital feature that helps save time and cost from the manual handling of each and every query by the human support team.

Contextual chatbots 

Contextual chatbots run on machine learning models and anticipate problems to deliver resolutions. These chatbots use your FAQs and knowledge base to fetch information snippets and present them in the form of solutions in a simple human-like conversational way. An AI customer service software uses these chatbots to deliver solutions to generic customer queries in an easy-to-understand (and non-techy!) way. 

Multichannel support 

Every customer has their preferred messaging platform for communication. An AI customer service software should have the feature to connect with your customers on different messaging platforms and channels with seamless omnichannel integration. It should have the ability to streamline customer interaction across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, apart from the company website and mobile app. 

Multi-Language Support 

An online business usually has customers in more than 1 country. Quite often, these customers do not speak English and hence prefer a solution in their native language. A good AI customer service software should have the ability to fetch interactions and talk with the customer simultaneously in multiple languages. This can elevate any business into a truly global brand. 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best AI Customer Service Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the AI customer service apps on my list, showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase some of the features.

 1. Netomi – Best for the travel & hospitality industry

Netomi AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Netomi can handle simple queries like password resets without having to tie up a customer service agent.

Netomi goes beyond phrases to analyse the intent and meaning behind what your customer is saying. For this, it studies nuances, deciphers slang, and detects keywords to serve up the perfect resolution opportunity. 

Netomi tailors the conversation to the individual customer and to the current context. It trains your AI customer service chatbot from historical data, boosting the chatbot’s ability to manage more tickets right from the get-go. Its context engine powers the response decision based on individual customer data, time and day of the week, current location, and other sources unique to your enterprise. 

For example, if a customer wants to book a room in your hotel 4 days from now and is seeking info about any discounts or promotions on that date, the context engine will analyze the current date and fetch if there are any promotions available and share that data with the customer automatically.

Netomi enables you to deliver support on any channel with assistance across email, chat, messaging, voice, and SMS. Its ability to understand the intent behind what the customer is saying helps in providing respectful and empathetic responses to customer queries. You can customize and tailor each response with its easy-to-use visual builder. 

Netomi integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, Khoros, Gladly, ZOHO, Salesforce, and other similar apps.

Netomi does not list pricing on its site. However, you can request a free demo.

2. Solvvy – Best wiki reader

Solvvy AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Solvvy uses its library of 120 pre-built intents to trigger the extraction of information from its contact center/knowledge base content.

Solvvy uses its workflow of millions of successful monthly resolutions in solving your customer queries. It has a library of 120 pre-built intents for the most generic support issues/customer questions. This will save your team from time-consuming efforts in building various permutations and combinations of how a user might ask a question and feed it to Solvvy’s AI tool. The pre-built templates give you a headstart by already giving you 120 intents or customer query types.

Solvvy Answers pulls the exact snippet of information from your help center/knowledge base articles. This helps in comprehensively resolving customer issues. You can ask it, “How much sodium is in this?” or, as seen by the screenshot, something like “I have wide feet” will trigger a related and contextually relevant response.

Solvvy provides automated contextual routing to appropriate agents when the query could not be solved by AI-based resolutions. This mix of automation and human touch gives a highly personalized experience for customers. 

You can also use its analytics to review your help center content. This way, you can see which help center content performed better in terms of resolution and which one needs more optimization.

You can customize and design the interface to match your brand’s design language. I am talking about the power to edit greetings, text and button colors, and more. This will help in creating brand consistency and trust for your product’s support system,

Solvvy works out of the box with Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, Kustomer, and other similar apps.

Solvvy does not list pricing on its site. However, it offers a free demo.

 3. TrueLark – Best for appointment booking

TrueLark AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
TrueLark can intervene when a customer can’t get through to you in-person for an appointment booking, saving you from losing their business.

TrueLark’s FrontdeskAI is an AI-based chatbot that runs on ML models to give human-like responses to commonly asked customer queries. Its AI allows the conversation to be driven by contextual queries from the customers.

TrueLark’s AI feature Sasha syncs with your existing booking software to learn your clients’ needs and your business. Based on that, it can give intuitive replies and resolutions that swiftly solve your customer queries and reduce wait times without manual involvement from your side.

It also makes it easy for you to arrange meetings and schedules. It handles your calendar and schedules appointments and handles webchat queries seamlessly across platforms. This saves a lot of time and helps you focus on your fitness business. It also lets you send customized messages based on your meetings list that can be uploaded via a CSV file or be stored within the software.

TrueLark works out of the box with Phoest, Acquity, MINDBODY, and Booker.

TrueLark pricing starts at $99 per month. They do not offer a free trial.

4. Jitbit Helpdesk – Best ticketing system software

Jitbit Helpdesk AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Jitbit packs a clean-yet powerful ticketing interface where it gives necessary details about the nature of the query, its category, and time stamp.

Jitbit’s automation rules uses the “if this, do that” module to help you automate tedious tasks and send service-level agreement (SLA) alerts. This helps in saving time to address customer requests and results in faster resolution time. 

Jitbit has a clean-looking ticketing system that tells you the priority level of the query, which category it belongs to, and where the query is coming from (web app, messaging platform, and so on). Jitbit also offers multilingual support with support for over 25 languages.

Jitbit’s customer self-service features include searchable FAQs and a knowledge base with built-in analytics. Its AI-powered auto-suggest feature uses machine learning natural language processing (NLP) techniques to suggest relevant articles when your customer submits a ticket. This helps customers get to a resolution faster without waiting for a live agent.

Jitbit integrates out of the box with JIRA, Dropbox, Slack, SurveyMonkey, and other similar apps.

Jitbit pricing starts at $24 per month. There is also an option for a free 21-day trial.

5. Linc – Best for retail and ecommerce

Linc AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Linc’s consultative buying provides vital product information like shipping updates, pricing details, and product information.

Linc uses conversational AI combined with commerce-specialized knowledge to solve complicated order issues and offer pre- and post-sales assistance for your business. It offers shipment tracking across 700+ carriers and you can send notifications across social media and SMS. Apart from exchange assistance, you can also provide modification assistance.

Their buying assistance feature helps you solve issues faster with promo-code-specific issue resolutions and identification of current promotions. You can also provide insights into store inventory and product availability. You can also contextually route the conversation to product specialists to increase conversions. 

Linc offers multi-language support with the support of over 100 languages. It also supports localized services, data feeds, and agent teams. This helps in making your retail business go global.

Linc works out of the box with helpdesk apps like Salesforce service cloud, Zendesk, Oracle, and other similar apps. It also integrates with community platforms like Magento, Shopify, and SAP.

Linc does not list pricing on its website, and it is available upon custom request. You can also request a free demo.

6. Thankful – Best customer service analytics software

Thankful AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Thankful tracks every conversation to deliver powerful insights on support performance so you can optimize your support.

Thankful’s AI agent integrates with your existing helpdesk to assist you in resolving large volumes of customer queries across email, SMS, and in-app messaging channels. The AI agent leverages natural language processing across millions of data points to deliver intuitive responses that are hyper-personalized. 

Thankful records conversation data in real-time and equips you with customer service analytics like transfers and handovers, frequency of events, and received to solved ratio. This helps you optimize your experience and fix the root causes of resolution delay. 

Thankful’s AI Agent works out of the box with a variety of help desks and customer management systems like Zendesk, Salesforce, Kustomer, and other similar apps. 

Thankful does not list pricing on its website, and it is available upon custom request. You can request a free demo by filling a short form.

7. Ushur – Best for insurance companies

Ushur AI Customer Service Software Screenshot
Ushur can handle call deflection, two-way texting, email triaging, and an embedded chat app right on your website.

Ushur uses its unique insurance-focused automation platform to accelerate time-to-value and provide faster resolutions to insurance claimants. Its automation platform has features like a visual builder, data extraction tools, and other powerful engagement tools.

Ushur helps you automate your first notification of loss (FNOL) process flow. Its AI-powered FNOL process handler can be used to automate the FNOL interaction straight from the incident location via a two-way automated conversation. It enables you to collect accident images, documents, and license information, all to automatically update your claims system. Using its AI-based insurance claims process automation smart bot, you can reduce your pending claims backlog and speed up your resolutions.

Ushur integrates with apps like Salesforce, Jira, and Slack.

Ushur does not list pricing on its site but you can request a custom quote based on your requirements. You can also request a free demo.

8. Balto – Best for live call center agents

Balto AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Balto uses ML data points to fetch contextual CX prompts on-screen at the right time, assisting your live call agent in the customer support process.

Balto is a one-of-a-kind AI customer service and sales app that assists your live call agents with resources and dynamic prompts. The feature that stands out for me is its dynamic prompts to help your live call agents and virtual assistants. It uses ML models to fetch carefully worded phrases and questions at the right time, exactly when your agent needs them. This helps cut down the time needed to search for information and enables you to give faster support to your customers. 

Balto win-rate analysis tests different phrases against each other and fetches the better option automatically. This makes your agent rely not on their guts but on actual data on what makes their customer happy. Its real-time QA scores all calls and enables managers to find the root cause of low-quality calls.

Balto  goes one step further to give notifications to agents for when to talk less (guilty eyes) and de-escalate tricky situations. With real-time coaching, a manager can intervene instantly for calls trending negatively.

Balto integrates out of the box with Twilio, Asterisk, CloudCall, SoftphonePro, and other similar apps.

Balto does not list pricing on its site as it is available upon custom request. You can also schedule a free demo.

9. Kustomer – Best visual chatbot builder software

Kustomer AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Kustomer’s visual builder uses a simple no-code backend approach to build contextual conversations with your customers that trigger based on customer responses.

Kustomer IQ contextualizes conversations to save time and eliminate friction between customer and your support team. Its AI-powered chatbot anticipates the customer’s problem based on keywords/phrases and fetches resolutions in the form of auto-responses. These auto-responses help resolve generic queries by fetching solutions from your knowledge base without any human involvement. 

With its contextual routing feature, Kustomer IQ routes the conversation to appropriate agent groups. This ensures that the tech team gets all the IT queries and the billing team gets all the transaction queries automatically.

The feature I like the most about Kustomer IQ is its intuitive visual builder. It helps in creating chatbot flows. It helps in creating exciting chatbot flows (I know I’m a nerd!), and its workflow engines help you perform complex tasks like escalating conversations and updating data.

Kustomer IQ works seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Shopify, Amazon Connect, and other similar apps where your customer can connect with you. Its multi-channel support helps in streamlining customer conversations by arranging them all in one place.

Kustomer IQ is priced at $89 per month per user. You can also request a free 15-minute demo.

10. Freshdesk – Best for contextual conversation routing

Freshdesk AI Customer Services Software Screenshot
Build your own bot with Freshdesk’s no-code platform, where you can assign IF/THEN responses, carefully craft on-brand messaging, and populate a self-service knowledge base.

Freshdesk’s Freddy AI tool uses 30k machine learning models trained on big-data and advanced NLP models to offer enterprise-grade personalization. You can use Freshdesk’s Freddy AI bots to automate resolutions in real-time. This helps save time for both your customers and support agents. With digitized IVRs, you can collect all the context and assign your conversations to the relevant agent groups.

Freshdesk helps you connect with your customers on multiple messaging platforms and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Apple Business Chat, as well as your website and mobile app. This helps to streamline your support and also gives your customer the added feature of accessing help from your team from anywhere.

The feature I like the most is its proactive customer service. It anticipates when a customer needs assistance (based on user behavior like clicks, views, purchases, etc.). Based on that, it sends them messages to inform them that you are available for help. This level of customer engagement instills confidence and trust in the minds of your prospect/customer for your product and service.

Freshdesk is priced at $15 per month with an option for a 21-day free trial.

Other AI Customer Service Software Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Cx Moments – Best for the logistics industry
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights – Best for enterprises
  3. Replicant Voice – Best voice AI customer service software
  4. Liveperson – Best bot manager software
  5. Finn AI – Best conversational AI software for banks
  6. Boost.ai – Best AI customer service software for educational institutions
  7. Ada – Best for SaaS businesses
  8. ChatBot – Best for B2C companies
  9. Comm100 Chatbot – Best AI customer service software for enterprise-level security
  10. Gong.io – Best revenue intelligence platform
  11. Landbot – Best AI-based conversational landing pages
  12. Bold365 – Best predictive outreach software
  13. Botnation – Best voice bot builder
  14. Pipeline – Best AI-based CRM tool
  15. Anfactor – Best user sentiment analysis software
  16. Exceed.ai – Best AI-based customer sales automation tool
  17. FAQ Bot – Best AI lead qualification tool
  18. LiveAgent with Quriobot – Best AI chatbot tool for lead gen
  19. Zoho Desk with Zia – Best AI shopping assistant software

What is AI Customer Service?

Traditional customer service involves human virtual agents who can handle one customer query at a time. AI customer service builds on the systems of human customer service and customer support and leverages machine learning models to provide efficient customer support at scale. 

A great example can be that of chatbots. They handle multiple queries and fetch resolutions based on many data points that have been fed to its system via your CRM and product information. This AI replacement of a human agent saves time and cost involved in manually doing the process while also leading to faster resolution time, leading to happy customers.

If the AI chatbots cannot reach a resolution, they can route the conversation to a real agent, thus resolving most of the generic queries themselves and only sending complex queries to the human team. This helps in optimized utilization of resources and swifter problem solving for generic queries for increased customer satisfaction

How is AI used in customer service?

There are a variety of ways AI can be used in customer service. 

Firstly, with intent prediction, AI studies customer clicks, views, and purchases. This helps the AI software figure out the customer’s next requirements and provide hyper-personalized responses in automation.

Secondly, with chatbots, AI can help you scale your customer support by answering generic queries at scale. The chatbot can fetch information snippets from your FAQs and knowledge base and present it in a human-like manner using templates. This helps in saving time and cost from doing it manually and also leads to faster resolution time, leading to happy customers.

Thirdly, with automated conversation routing, AI can route complex conversations that cannot be solved with AI to the appropriate agent group, all in automation.

What Do You Think About These AI Customer Service Software?

These were my top selections for the best AI customer service software. Now I want your opinion. Tell me what you think of these AI customer software solutions? Any customer service software that I missed? Let me know in the comments section.

Also, if you liked this list, I would really appreciate it if you can share this content piece with your social network (sharing is caring!).

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