10 Best Customer Service Ticketing Software For 2021

As your business grows, ticket management can become a daunting task for your team if you’re still using email or a simple chat system to organize and respond to everything. In this article, I’ll take you through my top CX ticketing software, demonstrate and show multiple use cases, and help you find something for your industry. 

As soon as you start to generate more customers, more answers will be needed as more questions come. Joe the IT guy highlights the importance of how to prioritize and properly handle ticket escalations in his blog by using a consistent communication method. Joe puts it best by saying “organizations need to ensure that there’s a good communication process in place between service desk management and the affected/interested parties”. 

If you’re considering switching over to a help desk to help solve more inquiries, resolve issues, and organize your growing customer base, I’ve got you covered with popular tools IT service and IT support professionals use to improve functionality and workflow. 

The Best Customer Service Ticketing Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best customer service ticketing software:

  1. SupportBee
  2. Wowdesk
  3. Jira Service Management 
  4. Freshdesk 
  5. Gorgias 
  6. HappyFox 
  7. Hiver
  8. EngageBay 
  9. JitBit
  10. LiveAgent 

Customer Service Ticketing Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best customer support service ticketing software? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Is it clean and organized? Does the software let you escape third-party branding logos? 
  2. Usability: Ease of use and setup is a top priority. Is it intuitive? Does the company offer good support, help/knowledge bases, FAQs, a self-service portal, tutorials, and training? 
  3. Integrations: Is it easy to connect with other tools and apps? Are there pre-set integrations? 
  4. Value for $: How appropriate is the price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent, and flexible? 

Customer Service Ticketing Software Key Features

  1. Enables team collaboration and shared inboxes
  2. Automations to streamline workflow and ticket routing
  3. Reporting and analytics for team development and customer interaction metrics
  4. User and customer knowledge bases 
  5. Artificial intelligence bots
  6. Email tags, delegation, and templates 
  7. Customization for interface, bots, responses, and replies 
  8. Canned messages for prepared answers

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Customer Service Ticketing Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best customer service ticketing software on my list showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase some of the features.

1. SupportBee – Best pricing model for small businesses

Supportbee Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Access customer workspaces from desktop, mobile, and existing email clients.

SupportBee offers a complete helpdesk ticketing system with a shared inbox, knowledge base, and customer portal options, as well as offers an affordable per user plan aimed at smaller teams and startups. 

Their interface allows teams and members to communicate all within the same tool. SupportBee has an incredibly easy learning curve and most of their customers are able to get up and running within minutes without feeling overwhelmed.

SupportBee’s startup plan starts at $13/user/month and includes a shared inbox, knowledge center, and basic integrations.

2. Wowdesk – Best customer service ticketing software for media, marketing, and eCommerce teams

Wowdesk Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Remove clutter and manage all queries from multiple sources and multichannel sources.

Wowdesk has a rich set of features and capabilities, and the ticketing system is designed to help any team in any industry quickly adapt to today’s customer service environment. 

They provide an easy-to-use, intuitive help desk software that can handle and advance workflows and create the best solutions with the added help of their AI ticket tracker. On top of everything, Wowdesk has a vast knowledge base for external and internal users.

Wowdesk created pricing to work with any size business; they offer a basic free plan for up to 3 agents that includes a basic support center and email cases. If you’re looking for a little more, their starter plan starts at $6/month/user. 

3. Jira Service Management – Best ticketing software for startups and small businesses

Jira Service Management Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Create automation and ticketing rules with Atlassian’s Jira software.

Trusted by over 25,000 organizations worldwide such as Airbnb and Foursquare, Jira Service Management offers intuitive, cost-effective software suitable for any team. They offer out-of-the-box ITIL processes for service request fulfillment, incident problems, and change management processes, and the tool prides itself on quick SLA to get things done quickly with prioritized queues. 

Another thing I really like about Jira Service Management is their Confluence knowledge and creation base which allows teams to build custom templates, self-service knowledge bases and collaborate with other members.  

Jira Service Management offers a great free plan for up to 10 users with automation, admin, and storage features. Their next plan starts at $7/month/user.

4. Freshdesk – Best enterprise customer service ticketing software with AI engine

Freshdesk Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Freshdesk’s “Freddy” aims to increase employee productivity.

Being called a visionary within the CRM world, Freshdesk builds itself on automation and delivering better, faster responses to customers with their easy-to-use channels and ticketing system. 

Your team has access to tons of features within their collaborative inbox, including prioritization, collision detection, canned responses for faster response times, and ticket customization. Their custom service level agreement management allows teams to manage and set up rules and reminders. 

Aside from their free sprout plan, Freshdesk’s standard support plan comes in at $15/month/agent.

5. Gorgias – Best customer service ticketing software for Shopify integrations

Gorgias Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Automate repetitive tasks like cutting and pasting with the Gorgias bot.

Founded in Paris by Alex Plugaru and Romain Lapeyre, Gorgias aims to help independent e-commerce brands turn their support center into a profit center. Gorgias allows easy order editing, subscription updates, and refund payments all from their intuitive help desk. Finally, their automation allows you to engage with customers before they hit your website by responding to customers through your social media pages.

Georgias’ services come with a price, but you get what you pay for. Starting at $60/month, the basic plan includes unlimited users, hundreds of apps, social media, and website integrations, with tons of live chat and ticketing features. 

6. HappyFox – Best ticketing software for modern IT help desk teams

Happyfox Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
HappyFox easily manages conversations and tickets from multiple channels.

Trusted and used for years by Fortune 500 brands, HappyFox proves easy to access ticketing features all from the same clean and practical interface. Their quick action ticketing system handles bulk actions, replies, and allows for quick search and filtering actions. 

HappyFox offers a literal mountain of features and I would really recommend this feature for modern tech teams. Their asset management tracking and audit logs allow powerful change management capabilities.

HappyFox provides agent-based pricing for specific use cases or unlimited agents for bigger teams. All of their pricing is available by request.

7. Hiver – Best help desk for teams handling Gmail and email issues

Hiver Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Respond, resolve, and organize all from your Gmail.

Hiver is literally “a bunch of folks with a borderline devotion for email” and it really shows in their ability to evolve and change to meet the needs of modern businesses. 

Hiver gets rid of robotic ticket numbers and responses by transforming Gmail into a help desk to make your team’s conversations more personal. They also make sure that you won’t need long, boring training guides, onboarding, or transmission times by providing software that has an almost zero learning curve. 

Hiver’s pricing is very reasonable for small teams; starting out at $7/month/user, it gives your team everything you need to get up and running. Their pro plan is extremely popular and gives teams SLA’s, unlimited inboxes, and a dedicated CRM at $37/month/user.

8. EngageBay – Best for small teams looking to grow their business

Engagebay Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
EngageBay offers a simple ticketing view to boost productivity.

EngageBay is made up of a young team of developers with the goal of building software to support up-and-coming businesses─ they developed easy-to-use and integrated marketing, sales, and CRM platform with support-friendly automation. Also, they won’t hold your team back with limited ticket options; their free plan allows for unlimited support tickets and unlimited personalization.

Aside from their great free plan, pricing starts at $9/month/user for 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails.

9. JitBit – Best for large educational and technology organizations

Jitbit Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Quickly resolve issues with rebel scum aboard the death star.

JitBit makes a painless help desk system that is used by companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Netflix. Although having a plethora of features, JitBit makes sure not to overwhelm users with everything upfront─and hides them until you need them. Aside from the customizable automation rules and a huge web-portal for end-users, JitBit comes bundled with iOS and Android apps to provide support from wherever. 

JitBit’s yearly plan starts at $1700/10 agents. They also have a cloud-based SaaS help desk that comes in at $24/month.

10. LiveAgent – Best customer service ticketing software for WordPress and Slack integrations

Liveagent Customer Service Ticketing Software Screenshot
Integrate multiple channels for an omnichannel view of tickets, and access over 200 features.

LiveAgent started as a B2B software company in 2004, soon after they realized that their business wouldn’t function as well without an improvement of communication workflow.

By combining live chat, canned messaging, and universal team inboxes, LiveAgent creates their “hybrid ticket stream”. This, in turn, aids their intuitive UI that automatically transforms every incoming form of communication into a ticket. 

Their simple “ticket” plan starts at $15/month/agent with unlimited ticket history, customer portals, forums, an API, and integrations, as well as many other tools. 

Other Customer Service Software Ticketing Software Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. HubSpot Service Hub – Best free plan for sales, service, and marketing
  2. Zendesk – Best plan for startups
  3. Kayako – Best ticketing and chat for social media services
  4. Labidesk – Best tool for creating custom technical user guides
  5. Help Scout – Best company plan for teams of 25+
  6. DiamanteDesk – Best open source software for unique solutions 
  7. Bleeper – Best for initiating chats with prospects
  8. Vision Helpdesk – Best multilingual, 24-hour support help desk 
  9. Raiseaticket – Best integration with CRM or ERP
  10. Eeedo – Best software for vehicle fleet management and maintenance 
  11. Infoset – Best cloud software for managing within your call center 
  12. Deepdesk – Best for contact center AI and automation
  13. Eden Workplace – Best for managing teams in multiple workspaces 
  14. Bold360 – Best for travel and hospitality for your customer support team
  15. Avochato – Best for live chat and voice ticketing solutions 
  16. Elevio – Best for hosted docs
  17. HelpDesk – Best integrations for SalesForce and Github
  18. LiveHelpNow Suite – Best completely customizable UI 
  19. ngDesk – Best free software for asset management
  20. ProProfs Help Desk – Best bug tracking ticketing help desk solution
  21. Mint Service Desk – Best software for incident management
  22. HelpCrunch – Best software for Facebook integration 

What Do You Think?

Organizing and properly handling customer tickets within your business can help you streamline and create a better overall customer satisfaction efficiency model─these tools will help any team accomplish that from start to finish. 

Which ticketing software or G-Suite integrations have you used? What does your team use to optimize ticket data, create a better workflow for your business, and manage your customer experience? What are your best tips for first-time users? What are your favorite tools or bots to use for real-time ticketing? Let us know in the comments! 

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