10 Best Customer Service Tracking Software In 2022

Tracking software is just one of the ways a company can transform how they deliver better customer service; this CRM software compiles customer data to produce analytics, reporting, data metrics, and useful tagging methods to improve experiences for users all around.

So why do metrics really matter and what do customers really care about? Gene Cornfield highlights the importance of being customer-centric by utilizing Customer Performance Indicators in his Harvard Business Review article “The Most Important Metrics You’re Not Tracking (Yet)”.

Gene puts “out-of-the-box” tracking into perspective; through tracking what’s important to customers, (rather than company-centric methods) companies have better visibility into actions they can take to improve customer outcomes.

I’m taking Gene’s word on the importance of using good tactics to measure how the company is performing for its customers−here, I’ll take you through my favorite tracking software that can help to meet this idea of improving customer retention and value. 

The Best Customer Service Tracking Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best customer service tracking software:

  1. Movidesk 
  2. Giva eHelpDesk 
  3. Tenfold 
  4. Freshdesk  
  5. Jitbit Helpdesk  
  6. ProProfs 
  7. Hiver 
  8. EngageBay 
  9. LiveAgent 
  10. Kayako 

The Best Customer Service Tracking Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best customer service tracking software? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria:

  1. User Interface (UI): Is the interface underwhelming, too much, or just right for your team? Is the software scalable and reliable? 
  2. Usability: How is the learning curve? Is the learning curve easy for any team? If not, does the company offer good support, training, and FAQs to streamline onboarding? Does the software include a mobile app for ease of access?
  3. Integrations: Does the software come with built-in integrations to other software you might be using, such as customer experience management software? How easily can it integrate with third-party software or other apps?
  4. Value for $: Is the pricing good for your team size? Is it flexible or too expensive? Does the support platform let you track as much as you need to, from tickets to data to analytics? 

The Best Customer Service Tracking Software Key Features

  1. Real-time voice, audio, and live chat messaging options
  2. Customization of reports, sheets, and templates
  3. Tool integration and expansion for accommodation 
  4. Check or view history on multiple steps, records, and transactions 
  5. Automations, responses, scheduling, workflow, and follow-up features
  6. Ticket management, individual request tracking, and ability to measure efficiency of agents and service reps
  7. Automatic routing, assignments, and ease of conversation features
  8. Omnipresence and dashboard customization

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Customer Service Tracking Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best customer service tracking software on my list showing what it does best, plus screenshots to showcase some of the functionality.

1. Movidesk – Best for addressing complex requirements of B2B companies and organizations

Movidesk Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Ticket tracking through multiple communication channels.

Originally started as a B2B company, Movidesk was created to solve an issue; by specializing in this area, they already get what you or your company is going through. Their tracking software is generalized and aimed at resolving customer issues through ticketing, tags, and personalized customer interaction as well as keeping track of company time and expenses.

They also offer agent and structure tracking for a better configurable organization of users and non users, as well as audio and chat monitoring.

Movidesk pricing is aimed at team sizes. Their first package for 1-5 agents starts at $99/month/team. Coming in next they offer $25/month/agent from 6-10 agents.       

2. Giva eHelp Desk – Best for commercial and academic testing labs

Giva aHelp Desk Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Perform advanced ticketing system searches and complex shortcut searches.

One of Giva’s stand out features is their test lab help desk software and tracking center that allows healthcare organizations to track cases, as well as automate and share information with hospitals.

Aside from this, Giva offers an intuitive dashboard with quick software setup and training in under an hour for teams. Giva is also HIPAA compliant and provides access to mobile, tablet, and desktop software for your customer service team members to use anywhere.

Giva’s business plan supports up to 18 agents, and up to 1500 end users or customers with unlimited storage starting at $39/month/agent.

3. Tenfold – Best for medium-large sized sales, tech, and financial companies

Tenfold Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Maintain deep customer insights from the point of interaction.

Tenfold powers more than 1.5 billion customer interactions every year, and is used by the likes of Staples, T-Mobile, and Disney. Their integration system allows you to unify existing platforms such as Salesforce, Cisco, and Microsoft apps to retain and continue tracking customer data and continue conversations through new voice, video, and chat communications.

With Tenfold tracking, your support agents can automatically log calls and attach notes for future tracking and to provide the best customer support. Tenfold also as well as manage agent status to improve coordination between departments and customers to improve the overall customer satisfaction.

Tenfold only offers pricing upon request.

4. Freshdesk – Best for omnichannel case solutions for eCommerce and retail companies

Freshdesk Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Keep track of tickets with similar issues.

With cross channel support, Freskdesk’s customer service software solution approaches tracking customer issues as tickets; all through tracking email, call center tracking, service, and time tracking.

Freshdesk allows your customer support team to access and do everything all from one place─by assigning ownership to tickets, prioritizing, and setting deadlines, tracking and organizing customer queries becomes way easier.

On top of everything, they make sure to provide actionable insight tools for your business that track critical customer queries and even customer sentiment.

Freshdesk actually offers a really nice free “sprout” plan for starting businesses that allows for unlimited agents. If that’s not enough, their standard support plan starts at $15/month/agent and includes automations and SLA management features.

5. JitBit Helpdesk – Best for large educational and technology organizations

Jitbit Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Check on, track, and create custom knowledge base reports.

JitBit is a web-based help desk that allows for ticket tracking and managing projects. Along with this they also offer time tracking and due-date tools. JitBit is huge on software reporting features─by providing summary reports, tickets per day reports, as well as user and company statistics, their software helps measure customer success and provide the best service to your customers.

JitBit believes that response speed and overall ticket duration are critical for a great customer service desk experience so they built a metric tool that measures ticket response and speed.

This is another company that I would recommend to medium to large-sized teams for their plan to make sense cost-wise. Their small plan starts at $1699/year for 10 agents or they have a SaaS (hosted) plan starting at $24/month. 

6. ProProfs – Best small IT business help desk and software

Proprofs Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Issue track and monitor all support tickets in the same place.

ProProfs is all about tracking and resolving issues, their software helps you manage your knowledge base as it incorporates sorting, categorizing, managing, assigning, and tracking all in one place. Their desk software also lets you apply filters for agents to resolve tickets assigned to them instantly as well as admin use of labels, internal notes, history, and sub-tickets to track internal tasks. Agent productivity and training is measured with ProProfs AI through detailed reports and insights.

Aside from their free plan (which provides 1 user, 100 tickets, and an inbox) their essential pricing starts at $10/month/user.  

7. Hiver – Best for support teams needing an integrated help desk for Gmail

Hiver Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Associate similar and different emails with tags.

Hiver’s client management software lets users quickly and easily integrate their Gmail into a working help desk with shared inboxes and simple management of Google groups. Small customer experience teams will enjoy organizing their tickets in a jiffy for easy tracking and tagging.

One notable feature on Hiver allows for automation email tagging; teams can customize a set rule to organize and sort tickets based on priority or type. Tagging also lets your support team dive into stats and insights to track metrics of conversations, response time, and time to close specific email issues.

A small business will benefit from the starting plan that comes in at $7/month/user, but if that’s not enough I would recommend their pro plan for companies or universities strictly using email to get a full range of features and tools.

8. EngageBay – Best free CRM for companies looking to simplify their marketing, sales, and self-service 

Engagebay Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Record, log, and save notes of all correspondences with the client.

EngageBay empowers its users to build stronger relations with their customers by tracking and managing customer relationship processes for maximum conversations.

With their tracking processes your customer success team will be able to understand why a potential customer fell out of the pipeline, why they did not show interest in your product or service, or why a particular customer was lost. Viewing and streaming your lead flow based on variable attributes saves time with detailed information about customers.

EngageBay offers one of the best free plans for tracking softwares; supporting up to 15 users with thousands of contacts and branded emails. A step up from that, their basic plan starts at $9/month/user.  

9. LiveAgent – Best customer service tracking software for WordPress and Slack integrations

Liveagent Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot
Create custom feedback and suggestion pages.

Used by over 30,000 businesses, LiveAgent’s customer service solution gives you a plethora of tracking features covering all CX needs. LiveAgent boasts making customer support software easier by teaching customers to troubleshoot and fix issues independently through the use of their huge knowledge bases, customer relationship portals, forums, customer feedback, and suggestion hubs─all for the customers to improve experience. They also aim to utilize their intuitive AI to track and transform issues into tickets for better convenience.

Their “must have” ticketing system tool starts off at $15/month/agent; if you need a little more than that, their all-inclusive plan is an omnichannel help desk with 180+ features for all business needs.

10. Kayako – Best for user experience and user interface

Kayako Customer Service Tracking Software Screenshot Screenshot
Kayako allows users to track customer activity and provide support.

Kayako is a user-friendly, accessible customer service tool that understands customer relationship management and the necessity of importance indicators. Their data-driven CRM software offers insights, tracking by priority, status, and type as well as measuring and reporting on customer satisfaction. Kayako uses in-app SLAs to track performance for better response and resolution time.

Kayako caters to small, growing, and large teams with prices starting at $15/agent/month.

Other Customer Service Tracking Software Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Zendesk – Best for small businesses 
  2. Talkdesk – Best for financial services and insurance teams 
  3. Jira Service Management – Best for incident response teams 
  4. Gorgias – Best for shopify integrations
  5. Acquire – best for VoiP call tracking and co-browsing 
  6. Genesys – Best for tracking data from voicebots and chatbots 
  7. Salesforce Essentials – Best for social media interactions 
  8. NetHunt CRM – Best tracking through drip campaigns 
  9. Vonage – Best for contact center tracking 
  10. Zyprr – Best for small and medium teams
  11. Service Fusion – Best for field management (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, repair)
  12. Bold360 – Best for travel and hospitality
  13. Avochato – Best for operations teams 
  14. HappyFox Help Desk – Best for human resources teams 
  15. HelpCrunch – Best for mobile LTV use cases
  16. HubSpot Service Hub – Best app marketplace for integrations 
  17. Zoho SalesIQ – Best for project management solutions 

What Do You Think Of This List Of The Best Customer Service Software?

What service management software does your customer service team use to optimize your data and create better connections?

Is there a customer support software that I missed that you love?

What’s a feature you think every help desk software should have?

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