10 Best Customer Service Automation Software In 2022

Adapting to the constant changes within customer service requires a unique approach, and with automation services, it becomes easier to maintain and build relationships with customers.   

Many managers and customer relationship management agents are continually faced with the difficulties of customer needs. Customers expect faster response times, quicker resolutions, and more transparency. Dixon, McKenna, and De La O offered three interesting tactics to help service teams navigate better through customer service in their HBR article “Supporting Customer Service Through the Coronavirus Crisis”:

(1) Arming reps with techniques that help them reduce customer frustration, 
(2) helping managers from reverting to bad coaching methods, and 
(3) using collaboration tools to help teams tap into the support of their peers.   

Fortunately, I’ve found the best customer service automation software can make this journey easier, and assist your team in achieving better collaboration and service methods.  

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The Best Customer Service Automation Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best customer service automation software:

  1. Tidio
  2. Tenfold
  3. Zingtree
  4. Hubspot Service Hub
  5. Freshdesk
  6. Helpshift
  7. Maximizer 
  8. Kayako
  9. Hiver
  10. Khoros 

Customer Service Automation Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best customer service automation software? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Are the layouts clean and easy to navigate? Does it allow for interesting customization and personalization for customer support? 
  2. Usability: How intuitive is the software? Does the software have accessible technical support? How much value will your team be able to extract from each program? 
  3. Integrations: Is it easy to connect with all your apps or only a small number of third-party apps? For example, can it integrate with social media in order to automate the flow of customer inquiries to your service team?
  4. Value for $: How does the price for the features and capabilities look like down the line for your customer support team? Is pricing flexible? Does price make sense when taking a long-term perspective? 

Customer Service Automation Software Key Features

  1. Shared inboxes
  2. Automated email templates
  3. Social media integration
  4. Setup and training support
  5. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 
  6. Self-service portals
  7. Help bases
  8. Chatbots/Live chat
  9. Automated replies and responses 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Customer Service Automation Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the best customer service automation software. I’ll show you what each one does best, who it works best for, plus screenshots to showcase some of the features.

1. Tidio – Best customer service platform for SMBs

screenshot of tidio customer service
Tidio lets you build your own customer service chat widget and design it with automatic responses for basic queries.

Tidio is a customer service platform that gives you the ability to level up your customer support and helps you generate more sales. Tidio gives your customers an easily accessible live chat widget that makes your business available to them 24/7, while AI-powered chatbots engage your customers in real-time, so you can sell more. Tidio is currently being used on 300,000+ websites worldwide.

Tidio is designed and built for small, growing businesses. It is delightfully easy to set up and use, so you can transform your customer service into a sales machine in no time.

Connect Messenger, Instagram, live chat, and email to Tidio multichannel and answer all messages from one place, also on mobile. Tidio easily integrates with all websites and platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and many others.

Tidio is free for 3 operators and up to 100 unique visitors. Paid plans costs from $39/month and come with a 7-day free trial.

2. Tenfold – Best customer service software for a growing sales team

Tenfold Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Access insights and status at the point of customer interaction.

Tenfold’s Integration system unifies existing communication platforms such as Salesforce, Cisco and Microsoft Dynamics to empower your marketing automation team to use channels your customers are already familiar with.

Their useful Chrome extension allows for instant data access across any of your tabs at any time. Personalization, customer profile screens, knowledge base, and universal communication layers enable customer insights at the point of interaction. 

Tenfold offers standard, advanced and additional options plans only available at request pricing from the company.

3. Zingtree – Best sales automation for customer troubleshooting

Zingtree Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Create “tree” help guides for customers to follow a fun choose-your-own adventure experience.

The ultimate self-service portal trusted by companies like SpaceX, Dropbox, and Harman. Zingtree deflects tickets and empowers customers to pinpoint information, select the right product, and lets them generate automatic quotes.

Their automated actions and knowledge base allows you to continue growing your business with little back-and-forth to maintain a better, faceless customer relationship.

On top of custom CSS design, integrations and push commands, their Essential plan starts from 25$. This plan is best for agent scripting, includes 5-25 users, and up to 10 “trees”.

4. HubSpot – Best software for entry-level businesses

Hubspot Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Increase customer experience through surveys, customization and video creation.

HubSpot knows that customers expect more, so they strive to bring all your data and channels together into one space. 80,000 users in 120 countries benefit from their software – their 24/7 services, attractive interface, and 500+ integrations will please teams of all types and sizes. The platform is easy to learn and provides tools that help to simplify customer needs and improve insights. 

HubSpot offers an amazing free plan for entry-level teams that provides ticket managing, live chat, team email, and reporting. Their “starter” plan begins at $45/month including great features like conversion routing and multiple ticket pipelines.

5. Freshdesk – Best help desk with dedicated mobile application

Freshdesk Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Easily auto-assign and sort tickets by importance.

Freshdesk puts an end to to-do lists by automating everything – this customer service software provides a sorting hat for tickets and a smart auto-assign to get the issues to the right agent immediately.

Their automations are one of a kind – they are able to remind, alert, and bring tickets to the right agents. Freshdesk is easy to set up and manage with rule-like workflow documents, as well as having an audit log to make changes at any time. A sandbox lets you test and run changes before syncing them to a live account. 

Their first plan for standard customer support starts at $15/agent/month. Freshdesk also offers a 21-day free trial.

6. Helpshift – Best advanced “chat” ticketing software

Helpshift Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Seamlessly build help bots to manage tickets and automate workflow.

Helpshift’s service software uses bots to create a “problem intent” pathway—they collect information and complete rote tasks to guide the customer to the right agent or department, even sometimes completely solving issues without human interaction.

Their SensAI intent classification bot uses semantics and contextuality to solve issues instead of traditional “rule-based” labeling algorithms. Helpshift makes sure you never get lost in translation, so they provide you and your customers with a knowledge base support system in over 180 languages.  

Their essential, elite, and business starter packs are available at request pricing.

7. Maximizer – Best customer service automation for easy-of-use

Maximizer Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Maximizer allows your team to resolve issues fast with everything in one, easily-accessible place.

Maximizer resolves cases faster with quick access to a peer knowledge base, saves your team time with saved, easily tracking interactions by providing access to info all through one screen.

Email integrations, mobile interfaces, and powerful search & filtering improves productivity and gets your team back to what’s important, fast. Their quick alerts and notifications helps your team keep up with customer relations as well as providing quick templates and mass email options to retain customer loyalty.

Maximizer pricing starts out at $29/month for small user organizations. They also offer a free trial version with no obligation.

8. Kayako – Best multi-departmental integration software

Kayako Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Personalize customer service by managing requests and conversations in any channel.

Kayako’s help desk combines an abundance of solutions with customer automation support, shared inboxes, ticketing software, internal help desk, and e-commerce support. With their context driven automation service, Kayako shows how a customer has interacted with your business from the first step.

Another great feature I’ve found is the 24/7 customer self-service portal – even when your team isn’t in the office or at the call center, customers can find the answers they need. 

Kayako’s Inbox plan for small teams starts at $15/month/agent while their more popular growing team package starts at $30/month/agent.

9. Hiver – Best shared inbox and Gmail management software

Hiver Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Assign specific customer issues to the right service agent with Hivers’ conditional automation tool.

Hiver’s service software combines with G Suite to create a cohesive automation tool for your inbox—this allows your team to do such things as assign emails to a certain user, change the status of an email, and apply tags.

With Hiver’s “Round-Robin” tool agents can toggle availability and also ensure that all emails have a dedicated department or team member. On top of everything, Hiver incorporates a colorful and neat interface so your email doesn’t look so boring.  

Hiver starts out at $7/month/user for smaller teams while their most popular pro plan comes out to $37/month/user.

10. Khoros – Best platform to manage social media and review sites

Khoros Customer Service Automation Software Screenshot
Tag, filter, and route inbound messages to the right agents.

Khoros is an AI-Powered digital service trusted by over 2000 companies that aims to greatly scale your automation and workflow capacity through conversational-based workflow.

Khoros social care consolidates customer interactions from your social media sites while using its modern chat and messaging features to communicate with customers on their favorite platforms. Your team will love the modernized contact center and adaptable learning curves.

Pricing is available upon request.

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Other Customer Service Automation Software Options

Here’s a few more customer relationship management software options for you that didn’t make my top 10 list.

  1. Zendesk – Best price-friendly / affordable help desk
  2. Imprezian360  – Best accounting tool for quickbooks
  3. Ivanti ITSM – Best unified endpoint management solution tool
  4. Lilac Follow Up – Best CRM software for jewelry industry
  5. Voximplant Kit – Best smart queue tool
  6. Zoho Desk – Best mobile platform
  7. Streak – Best Gmail manager for hiring 
  8. Customer Thermometer – Best for automation survey creation
  9. SAWIN – Best for companies with existing accounting software
  10. Bold360 – Best support for future-proof channels
  11. CustomerWise – Best automated escalation tool
  12. Front – Best for integration of unique and different apps
  13. Elevio – Best hotspot tools for contextual support
  14. HappyFox Help Desk – Best custom creation for support tickets
  15. Gorgias for Shopify – Best data integration and help desk for Shopify
  16. HelpCrunch – Best popup customization tool
  17. LogicNets –  Best for remote application connection 
  18. HelpDesk by Live Chat – Best software for small businesses
  19. Cayzu – Best global support for different languages and time zones 
  20. User.com – Best Omni communication channels 

What Do You Think About These Customer Service Automation Softwares?

Automation software that organizes and helps to cut down the need for human interaction can cut down reaction time, resolution times, and increase call deflection rates and ability for customers and clients to find answers on their own for better overall customer satisfaction. 

As I maintained before a good automation software can solve more than just percentages, but can better reduce customer frustration through smarter AI and better self-help options.

Managers implementing these systems that help their agents can result in a more effective coaching method. Customer relationship management agents who use collaboration tools like shared inboxes and peer-reviewed help centers will function better.

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